Peter Mutharika
Malawi President Mutharika warns people against politicizing albino killings

Government of president Peter Mutharika has launched tug of war against opposition over its failure to act swiftly over the hectic issue that is demeaning our nation at the international arena for failing to put a stop towards the killing of people living with Albinism.

The government of President Peter Mutharika acts only when opposition parties say something. It now looks like the government is sleeping or recovering from its slumber particularly when it shut its mouth on hectic, sensitive and hurtful matters.

The issue of Albinos is appearing on a daily basis and every third day an Albino is abducted only to discover the remains dead.

Few weeks ago all leaders of opposition issued statements against these killings.

Instead of the government being the first to issue stern warning in the statements government is questioned over its silence.

Yesterday another Albino child was abducted only to be found dead prompting leader of opposition issuing a press statement.

Instead of the government of President Peter Mutharika to issue a statement condemning these barbaric acts. The press secretary not the president issue a statement castigating members of opposition in this case Lazarus Chakwera that [Chakwera] is politicizing the matter.

Does the government and president Peter Mutharika have any remorse in their lives?

MCP Leadr Chakwera
Chakwera on attack so persons with albinism

How can Lazarus Chakwera politicize the issue when a child with Albinism just lost life after being abducted on the day? Is this not a servant leader Malawi need?

Malawi looks “clearly” that is moving on autopilot because the government is sleeping.

When a member of opposition rise up and speak the ills of the nation the government wake up from their slumber and come with a bang to ridicule opposition.

For president of opposition Lazarus Chakwera promised to end the killings within 30 days of his rule, he meant it; because he revealed that government promised in parliament to set aside MK3 billion for the security and welfare of people living with Albinism but despite the national outcry the money has not been released.

An opposition party cannot tackle the matter of the killings when the commander in chief of all armed and security forces is sleeping in the government.

Joyce Banda started decrying the killings, Saulos Chilima came second, MCP have nonstoppably echoed for the government to step up efforts to save the people living with Albinism.

When the child was abducted yesterday a caring leader though on opposition bench was caught with humanism and decided to speak out. Is that politics?

President Peter Mutharika instead of following the footsteps or deploy the military and the police to stop the killings is coming with innuendos of politicking.

Any opposition leader will promise the same thing. If he or she comes into power he will end the killings because by then the machinery and power to do so will be in his or her hands.

In this case it is president Peter Mutharika who is using the issue of Albinos to score a political point out of sheer shame.

Our advice is, do not politicize the matter our people are brutally being killed. You don’t politicize the hectic issue of the killings of Albinos, this is what we call cheap propaganda.

Some of your diehard supporters and followers fault the Utopian with hatred against you.

If you sleep on the job to wait for opposition to raise alarm while you sleep do not expect us or any sane citizen to clap hands for you.

Wake up and act, protect the Albinos.

The propaganda of confining them in their own village is not the solution.

The solution is to introduce “Hit Squad” to shoot to kill these thugs and murderers.

You will not kill “three” the killers will stop immediately.

The law of democracy that protect the killer while the killed is not thought of is rubbish.

Your supporters are diverting the issue to witchcraft or ritualistic use of the bodies of Albinos. This is nonsense.

How many witchdoctors are in Malawi to kill such great number of people?

Unless you are hiding something this syndicate must stop and it has to stop now.

If you can hunt for tax evades and arrest them why are you drifting the security of the Albinos in the hands of communities and society?

Why do we have the police, the military and intelligence? To spy on the Utopian?

Deploy the army and the police with a “death penalty through hit squad” this mess will stop.

By the way how far is the case of the Bishop involved in Albino killing? Is the Bishop a witchdoctor?

Bring him into the open and declare that he face “hit squad” he will expoze the syndicate, the market, the big fish and we can close this chapter.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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