Chilima and Usi in Neno


By Rev. Fr. Benard Silungwe, Misuku, Chitipa


As a citizen of Malawi, regardless of the role I have in the society, I also see and experience the difficulties Malawians are facing in Malawi.

As I promised some days ago, here is my political stand. I am one of those people whose hearts ache, who have been angered by the mediocrity of Malawians who believe Malawi is where it is supposed to be and heading towards the right direction.

I am one of the Malawians who feel that we are lost and we don’t know where we are going. I am one of the Malawians who feel that Malawians are taken for granted.

I am one of those Malawians who hope that given a right minded leader, we can restore the pride of our nation and collectively follow the ambitions of the nation and pull ourselves out of the poverty we have drowned ourselves in.

Some countries have been in this mess but they pulled themselves out. All it needed was the political will and the love of the nation.

As such, in Malawi,

~We need a person who takes Malawi as belonging to everyone.

~We need a person who will not work in order to gain popularity.

~We need a person who can be angered seeing that public resources are being rooted and benefiting only few individuals.

~We need a patriotic leader who can have trust in Malawians, invest in education and teach them how to do things by themselves.

~We need a leader who can direct ANGER towards his or her close friends in politics.

~We need a leader who can put in jail big fish and still sleep peacefully.

~We a leader who has means to recover our stolen funds.

~We need a leader who can bring sanity in our judicial system.

~We need a leader who can take assemblies to task on how the district developments are carried on.


To conclude this topic, I repeat what I have posted repeatedly that WHAT WE HAVE TRIED AND HAS FAILED, WE DON’T TRY AGAIN.Neno for Chilima

From the available new blood we have at the moment and the sentiments I have aired above,  the only person who is closer to that in what he says and the emotions he shows and the anger he has openly indicated to me when it comes to the mismanagement of public funds is DR. SAULOS CHILIMA.

What he can do in the future, I don’t know. That he will deliver or not, I don’t know. He might end up the worst of all, but I will not regret for trying something new.

So my vote for the president on 21st May is no longer a secret. It is Dr. Saulos Chilima, not because he is young, not because he is UTM, not because he is from central region, not because he is Catholic, not because he is light skinned, not because he is closer to me in anyway BUT because he is closer to my convictions as regards to who can bring back the pride of our nation.


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