Christmas MessagePresident Arthur Peter Mutharika has been as clueless as I predicted way back in 2010 in the “Road to 2014” series.

He even had the audacity to advertise his cluelessness on BBC’s Hard Talk by peddling an appallingly shallow diagnosis of why Malawi at 51 is still the team to beat in the beggars’ premier league!


The opposition, on its part, has been as directionless as it’s ever been; civil society – with the exception of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), Mtambo and his CHRR and Billy Mayaya (the lone marcher) – non-existent; and ESCOM holding everyone at ransom.

Word going round is that ESCOM was investing in an App with which to block the sunlight, so that blackouts can go round the clock. Days on end without light, as we know it.

Thank heavens, they came dangerously close to developing one but failed!

Having said that, I thank you all for bearing with my intermittent analyses this year. I hope this long one has made up for all the analyses I should have contributed.
I pray that you stay safe during the festivities and that you enjoy your holidays, till Insha Allah, we meet again in 2016.

As to whether Mrs Joyce Banda will do a ‘come-home-Charlie-and-face-them’ or not; with respect to Malawi’s Cashgate, there is still a long way to go. We are far from check, let alone a checkmate!

Remember the MK 577 billion that has yet to be subjected to a forensic audit?

It is, without pre-empting the audit, a classic linda madzi apite ndiye uziti ndadala cum moto umapita kwatsala tchire scenario.
With the ATI Bill passed, we will see big names in the final report, and I mean big. Am I speculating? Wait and see.


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