LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The group running a national elections campaign, Youth Decide 2019 to drive up the youths to be active participants ahead May 21 Tripartite elections this week engaged some of the major political parties represented in August House.


The grouping dated Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Peoples Party (MCP), UTM party that youth agendas they been included in their manifestos.


For instance on Thursday the caught MCP which one key youth agenda was on universal reformatory centers which need to be inclusive for young offenders both girls and boys.


Clement Makuwa, who is Youth Decide 2019 team member and National Director of Young Politicians Union (YPU) told the Maravi Post that political parties’ engagement was timely considering that their manifestos are on draft form.


Makuwa who met four MCP officials led by the party’s deputy director of economic affairs said reformatory centres should be universal.


“National Youth Manifesto expands space for young people’s participation in influencing Malawi’s development policy and accountable government for the next five years.


“We want key youth agendas be incorporated in political parties either those to be in ruling or opposition     that after May 21 polls they advance our agendas”, says Makuwa.


The grouping in the next weeks will meet Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Alliance For Democracy (AFORD).


The Youth Decide 2019 team considers the youth manifesto as a new innovation because, for a long time, there has been no clear youth led and youth focused development agenda in Malawi.


The Youth Decide campaign is championed by a consortium of Youth NGOs/actors in Malawi namely; Network for Youth Development (NfYD), Young Politicians Union (YPU), Youth and Society (YAS), MHUB and Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO).


The thrust of the campaign is to stimulate positive energies and participation of Malawian youth in shaping the country’s development and governance agenda through the 2019 electoral cycle.


The campaign derives from the conviction that the 2019 elections provides a golden opportunity for the Malawian youths who are in majority to come together to reflect on the country’s current state of development and drive their aspirations through organized engagement throughout the 2019 political window.