By Pemphero Nkhalamba

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The youth decide campaign on Tuesday in the capital Lilongwe engaged newly elected youthful councilors from different political parties.

The meeting aimed at awaken them youth manifesto for them incorporate it in their developmental programs in wards

The campaign leader Charles Kajoloweka urged councilors that they embrace youth manifesto for young people’s welfare.

“We want newly elected councilors to use the youth manifesto that empower the youth  despite the political affiliations and bring change to influence change in the political space.

“We need to be organized for us to bring the change that we want,we should not just be in our homes and expect change,let’s hold our president accountable for the next five years If we really need change to come,” said Kajoloweka.

Out of 50 participants about 10% of the councilors are women.

Democratic progressive Party (DPP) represented by 25 councilors Malawi Congress Party (MCP) had 20, Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) had one representative, People’s Party (PP) three  and one was independent ward councilor.

The campaign is also expected to meet the youth Members of Parliament (MPs).

The campaign is composed of Youth and society, Young politicians union,YONECO, Mhub and NfYD.

These various organizations are the champions of the youth manifetso.

The youth manifetso has policy demands whereby Malawian youths  wants the government to deliver for the next five years.