By Lusekero Mhango

Karonga North West Aspirant MP Daniel Chitonya Mwanyongo has said
active sporting education in a school setting is an important and
vital avenue for young people to learn and develop life skills.

According to Mwanyongo who is also the owner of Interline Bus Company,
for a healthy and productive youth in the country there is need for
all to participate in sports.

He said, in addition to the physical benefits, physical education in
sports also has strong influence on inclusion and character building
which are all vital in life skills for a person.

Chitonya Mwanyongo said this on Monday at Ipyana Primary School when
he presided over the launch of a football tournament that he has
sponsored in about eight zones of Karonga North West Constituency to
the tune of over MK 1 million.

“Sports are a wonderful tool for the benefits that it accords healthy
and productive youths in the society and we must encourage all our
youths to take part knowing the benefits that it brings to a country
when you have fit and healthy people that’s why I’m so passionate
about youth sports,” he explained.

Citing the three pillars of the Olympics values of excellence,
friendship and respect Mwanyongo, stated that this can inspire youths
through experience and lessons gained in sports to empower themselves
in all life situations.

However the shadow MP for Malawi Congress Party has expressed concern
over the increase of sporadic violence in local football in the
district that has seen dozens of fans injured which resulted in one
fan losing their life in Kapolo during another tournament organized by
a local Non-Government Organization.

“What I want to see in these tournaments is no violence these are
friendly matches it’s not about winning but it’s about giving our
youths something to do rather than engage in harmful behavior that’s
why I am happy to sponsor these football competitions,” Mwanyongo