George Chaponda
George Chaponda: Commission of Inquiry report recommends that ACB probes him

If this whole George Chaponda corruption scandal, shame and disgrace have reminded us of anything, it is that Malawi is in a state of hypnotic trance.

Peter Mutharika, George Chaponda and their sidekicks are in the process of enervating Msalawians by portraying themselves as the custodians of knowledge and all things good.

Think of it.   We have become a nation of whiners. There seems to be no red line, which cannot be crossed before we can act.

Look at us. I mean truthfully, whenever something happens which the population does not like, the public cries out: “ What is he doing about it?”  Take the unprecedented corruption that has gripped our country and culminated in the burning up of the minister of Agriculture’s office for instance.

What does the population say? “ What is the president doing about it?”   When ESCOM feeds us cock and bull stories about why there is no electricity, 75% of the time the population asks: “What is the president doing about it?” Really? I have always said that instead we should be asking: “What are we going to do about this?”

Don’t we have a police service tasked to investigate malfeasance? Don’t we have institutions such as Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate and prosecute those suspected of corruption? Ok, let’s assume for one minute that what the ACB has said about the inadequacy of the legal framework is true.

Where is the judiciary, which can set precedents and arrest the decay? Why is it so difficult to mobilise the people to lay the government siege until the obviously corrupt are not allowed anywhere near the state coffers, or until it comes up with tangible answers as to why there is no electricity in the country? Doesn’t the police belong to the people? Surely it does not belong to the executive branch of government and its minority Lomwe tribe!

All the while, as if we are in a state of collective hypnosis, we allow them, they who have created the problem in the first place to pretend to be positively responding to it by the setting up smoke screen commissions of inquiry to hoodwink us. Commissions of inquiry that either yield nothing, or whose findings, if in condemnation of government, are systemically ignored if I might add.

Wasn’t a Commission of Inquiry commissioned to investigate the death of Robert Chasowa? Did we after all need a Commission of Inquiry to investigate a murder case? What has become of the Issa Njaunju murder? Is it not the constitutional and legal duty of the security services to bring culprits to book? Or are they so compromised that they are utterly incapable of discharging their duties? If so, why is the country continuing to pay them each month? To protect Mutharika, Chaponda and their tribal kinsmen?

And what are we doing about it?   Fellow Malawians, Malawi belongs to us all, not just to the Lomwes; and unless you hide a foreign passport somewhere the way Peter has for the last few years hidden his American passport, then Malawi is the only country you have.

Once upon a time, it used to ring right when people called MCP a murderous party, a party of darkness! Correction, folks!  The MCP can now sleep freely. Their excesses pale in the face of these hoodlums, who pillage, kill and maim with impunity all the while cloaked as democrats. Was it not the infamous MYP which triggered the operation Bwezani through its excessive use of violence when it killed an MDF soldier in Mzuzu?

Today an MYP zealot, Nicolas Dausi, is the DPP’s chief defender? And we are dazzled by his arrogance!   Remember, brothers and sisters, once the population begins to live in fear of thugs; cannot trust the police to protect them, and political violence becomes the language of a country’s civil discourse, the government has lost all moral legitimacy to govern.

Malawians must not lend an ear to the distorted narrative that these people are mediocre. Far from it! They know what they are doing and they have an agenda to so emasculate the population that they and they alone can continue to reap the benefits, by hook or crook! Our continued gaze at the dysfunctional seat of executive power is simplistic.

All it does is embolden them to use crass means to suppress any dissent in the name to restoration of law and order. If we continue to perpetually ask “What is he doing?” we give him more power to erode our freedoms.   We know he is doing nothing, and will do nothing!   When you hear a slanted news story from MBC and allow it to affect your perception of your legitimate leaders or activists, you are being controlled.

The solution is to stop listening to MBC. Not only that, but to demand MBC reform.   When the people feel terrorised and find no safety in the police, the answer is set up local policing forums to deal with hoodlums!

We are human beings like them. We can mobilise ourselves once more because we are capable of creating our own realities.

When we speak about reforming and transforming the country and rescuing from the edge of the abyss it if facing, we cannot have the luxury of thinking in the simplistic terms of winning or losing.

What we are talking about here is more important than petty political victories. It is about rebuilding Malawian society according to the needs and aspirations of its citizens.

It is about challenging the elitist status quo perpetrated by a totally rotten political framework and a popular mindset desperately in need of total reform.

In our current environment of the kind of impunity displayed by Peter Mutharika and George Chaponda in the Maizegate scandal, food shortages, hunger and general economic turmoil, the suffering populace is aching to act against a leadership unconcerned and oblivious of its dire condition. It is the role of every enlightened Malawian to work towards the mobilization of such people action.

I repeat: Mahatma Gandhi would have put it thus: “Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth”. Indeed even if you are only a minority of one, you can act on the truth and your actions will be recognised, perhaps not n your lifetime, but certainly in posterity.

Those familiar with the story of Masauko Chipembere should easily understand what I mean.   Feedback: