Bingu WA Mutharika
Late Bingu Wa Mutharika; believed to have stashed billions in foreign banks

They are here. Those that claimed to love you, the sell-outs in suits that have corrupted your beloved Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), ruined your dream and vision for it, and taken the country into a path of economic ruin; through their insistence to pursue greedy personal agendas in the face of blatant evidence that for the party to change its image a change of leadership is required, they are here pretending to love your brother when if fact they love only themselves. But I declare that there is no reason for me to ask you for signal as to how to deal with them. I already know!

Did you ever imagine that of all people it would have to be your widow who would, through a typed message on her WhatsApp group, be the one to shake up the party you founded to exercise reason and common sense. Did you further imagine that her honest and fearless call for reasonableness would end up disturbing the DPP to the point of fearing a convention?

I wonder whether you are turning in anger or in your place of rest with the rape of democracy and the suppression of opinion and freethinking being nurtured in the party now, or whether you are actually smiling at the bravery of your wife and patting yourself on the back for the excellent choice you made then.

It was always going to have to take someone with a vision and strength of character similar to yours to intrepidly come out in the open to speak about things that in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) seem taboo and cannot be discussed. Although there are many that would prefer to find personal faults and fail deliberately to appreciate and acknowledge the message, preferring to castigate the messenger, that that know her are aware that her track record fully evidences that we have here a strong courageous woman.  This particular debacle, however, is testing anew the height and breadth of her courage and character and I am pleased to declare that she is passing the test with flying colours.

I am especially delighted that amidst castigation and vitriol, she is defending your legacy and the honour of the party you founded by holding her head high and fearlessly stood by her words. She has dared her detractors- those surrounding your brother and fearing for their positions in the event that your brother listens to her sound advice and retires- not to be personal but to confront the substance of what she has said with evidence and proof of the contrary, if they have any.

They have failed to do so. There is nothing in this whole wide world that can be presented as proof that your brother, current DPP president Arthur Peter Mutharika is young! He is old and that is a fact. Undisputable.

Even more interesting, however, is how those surrounding the president have unwittingly proved the other point that your widow has raised.

In my uncommon sense, by castigating her personally, and trying to find fault with her remarks that the DPP presidential candidacy for 2019 elections should be left to Vice president Saulosi Chilima, and in defending the potential candidacy of your brother, those close to him, in their press conferences and radio interviews, have simply confirmed her assertion: your brother is surrounded by vultures, and it is them that have ruined Malawi and ruined the DPP.

The only explanation that makes sense to me as to why those surrounding the president can be so vocal about putting anyone down who dares voice the opinion that Mutharika may not be the best candidate to field in the 2019 election is that of protecting personal interests. It would appear that these vultures surrounding your brother, as she called them, are worried that if the DPP were to win the 2019 elections with Chilima at the helm, then perhaps their positions of influence and affluence would not be as secure as it is currently. I can only imagine that this is probable because all evidence points to that fact that your younger brother has proven himself to be very easy to manipulate while on the throne.  Those have been looting and destroying the nation and the DPP at his expense know only too well that it must always be your brother leading, and he must do so even if popular opinion clearly says otherwise, because the moment he steps down and the leadership is handed to a younger more decisive personality like Vice President Saulosi Chilima, their day in the sun will end, they will be exposed and might even end up in jail.

Nevertheless, it still surprises me that in this democratic dispensation, we can still be hearing such intolerant and undemocratic overtones as “There will be no convention” of “at the DPP convention, Peter Mutharika must go unopposed”. Would you believe that it has actually come to that for the party you founded on such democratic and nationalistic principles that you had almost every Malawian believing that our nation was on the path to greatness?

I would have thought that the issue of DPP candidacy and the suitability of Vice President Saulosi Chilima over your Brother Peter would be considered simply as a matter of party members voicing their views and opinions in a bid to strengthen the party and ensure that come the general elections in 2019, the party will be in a very formidable position especially as far as the presidential vote is concerned.

Your Excellency, I am greatly troubled by the reaction of the DPP top brass to your wife’s wise and well-meaning remarks. After two years of criticising the main opposition MCP for undemocratic tendencies within their party and suggesting that because the MCP cannot be trusted to follow democratic principles in its own party then it should follow that it should not be trusted to advance democracy in leading the nation, it appears that push has come to shove and pressed against the corner to truly display democratic principles, the DPP top brass has preferred to slaughter democracy and tolerance on the altar of personal gain, self-interest and protection of selfish agendas.

But as I indicated, we are patiently and closely watching them as they do this. We are observing as they endeavour to suppress and oppress anyone considered to be supporting the idea of younger fresher leadership in the DPP for the good of the party. We see them, and we do not need a signal from you as to how to deal with them.

We already know.