A stray lion believed to have escaped from Zambia’s Lwangwa Game Reserve is on rampage in Malawi’s northern district of Chitipa killing six cattle in the process.
The lion therefore injured three people who were trying to kill it with spears and axes.
Chitipa Police publicist Gladwell Simwaka has identified the victims as Mabacha Sibale, Kauka and Haonga of Kasisi village, Traditional Authority (T.A) Mwaulambia in the district
Simwaka said the lion had been spotted at Muluka and Sopelera in Kameme, and at Kasisi, Ilomba and among others.
“Chitipa police station is informing and warning the general public that there is a lion terrorizing areas around senior chief Kameme and Traditional Authority Mwaulambia in Chitipa district.
“Therefore, the general public is hereby warned against moving at night until the situation is normalized,” said Simwaka.
He further said since the animal is dangerous as it kills, people should avoid night errands.
However, Simwaka said police and game officials have been deployed to hunt down the animal.