The movie industry of Hollywood has grown mature enough to accept all the aspects of the LGBTQ community.

The show business now has actors, producers, and even directors that have come up with their sexuality openly in front of the world.

But as a matter of fact, it’s not only limited to the silver-screen as things remain equally the same, as we come to talk about the sports entertainment world.

There are many athletes from the sports industry across the world who during or after their career revealed about their sexuality which turned the world around for their fans.

The wrestling industry has never lacked behind when it comes to any trend, as many of the times, it is the one that sets one.

Here’s a list of 10 wrestling celebrities (from the vintage era to the current one) who came up strongly with in front of the world about their sexual preference.

#1. Paige

The female superstar of the WWE community has a tough attitude and great skills against women when she’s inside the ring but when outside, Paige totally a different person.


But her true colours were seen when she appeared in the reality show named, ‘Total Divas’ where she casually revealed that she identifies herself as Bisexual as she was seen kissing and doing other intimate stuff with other divas on the show.

Currently with Alberto Del Rio

Paige started dating the WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio in May 2016. They are currently engaged and are soon planning to get married.

#2. Chyna

Considered to be the mightiest WWE female star of her time, Chyna who was called the ninth wonder of the world was rumored to be Bisexual.

These rumors got the spotlight when Chyna was featured in many adult videos having female companionship. She also had a long relationship with Triple H.

Well, who knows? Rumors can be true too.

Anyway, who’s next?

#3. Pat Patterson

The first-ever Intercontinental Champion is also the first openly gay wrestler who was employed by the WWE Network.

Throughout his career, there were rumours about his sexuality, about which he came out publicly on the WWE Network show- Legends’ House, where he bravely said that he is gay.

We’re proud that you’re proud of it!

The next one on the list…

#4. Chris Kanyon

The man who had a wonderful career in both WCW and WWE came out with his sexual preferences in the year 2000 after leaving WWE.

He also came through writing about his struggles in keeping his secret but his depression was too much as he took his own life in 2010.


#5. The Grand Wizard Ernie Roth

Ernie Roth entertained the whole WWE universe with his colourful appearances and controversial comments.

After his passing, family and friends close to Roth revealed that he was gay.

He was a true inspiration for the wrestling industry of WWE and he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995.

#6. Money Matt Cage

The wrestler with many titles to his name from Ultimate Warrior Challenge and Dynasty Pro-wrestling came out of the closet revealing his sexuality with the help of his Facebook handle.

He revealed that he feared getting rejected by his fans. But as of now, Cage continues to wrestle and win with the same.


So… are there any lesbians too?

#7. Daria Berenato

New Jersey’s Daria Berenato chose the 2015th season of ‘Tough Enough’ to come clean with his sexual preference for women, as she is a lesbian.

Well, that proves, she’s tough enough!

#8. Orlando Jordan

After leaving the WWE Network after his tenure, Jordan revealed that he is bisexual. He later joined TNA Wrestling where his sexuality was used for various storylines including harassing male wrestlers.

He apparently did not enjoy this and left TNA, later married a woman and currently runs a wrestling school in Australia.

#9. Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes was observed and said to be obsessed with another female wrestler on-screen but she kept her bisexuality hidden off-screen until she taped episodes for the show ‘Total Divas’ where she proudly showcased her love for both males and females.

She is now married and has a child.

Was she confused or wanted us to get confused?

And lastly…

#10. Darren Young

While many male superstars chose to come clean about their sexuality after their career was over, Darren came out clearly during his profession session and accepted openly that he is a gay wrestler.

His honesty has got a lot of attention as he was even invited to the Ellen DeGeneres show.

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