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19289 Lazarus our Savior

Who can challenge me?. I am Lazarus Chakwera the savior of Malawians anointed by God!

This week our ongoing conversation between Lazarus the savior of Malawi and Lazarus Chakwera the ambitious and calculative politician who became Malawi President with the aid of the Malawi corrupt Judiciary.

Everyday his Presidency becomes the joke we knew it was going to be. What he said while  campaigning versus what he is saying now that he has ascended to the Presidency:

Lazarus the Savior: “When I become a President, I will show you how much I know about Nsanje Port project. I will make sure in five weeks; I start reworking on it.”

Nsanje port

Lazarus the Politician:  100 days after elected, He is meeting a leader from Mozambique, “Your excellency Nyusi, the President of Mozambique, no one knows our Nsanje Port project better than you do. Even better than I. You can take over the project and I would not mind working with you if you can take it as yours.”

Lazarus the Savior: “Lake Malawi is ours! I will never allow Tanzania to play with our Lake and, they are fighting us now in 2014 because the one in charge is a woman (Joyce Banda then) I will fight! I will fight – for our lake!”

Lazarus the Politician:  While visiting Tanzania, “Bwana Magufuli, this lake of Malawi is yours and I would not mind if you take it for tourism purposes”. Making it even worse , He then gives him a portrait of Lake Malawi as a gift.

Chakwera (L), Lungu (C) and Foreign Affairs Ministers Eisenhower Mkaka (R)

Lazarus the Savior: While inviting himself to Zambia, “Your excellency comrade Lungu, I am happy to be here in your country. I came here to tell you from now, forget about our disputes over Land in our borders. We are all one and I wish people could understand. I would not mind you taking over as long as you develop the land for both of us.”

Lazarus the Savior: “No one loves women than me. I will fill my cabinet and appointments with women. You women are being discriminated.”

100 days later in office.

Lazarus the Politician: How do I choose women as if I know them. Do I know women myself who are competent in this country, Do I know any of them?”

I may sound foolish now but, these are part of great achievements he claims he has done in the 100 days +. I am still a Malawian citizen and my opinions too still matter. Our country is being sold to our neighbours and to the rich people as we are all watching!

We implore our followers to share the lies and contradictions of Lazarus Chakwera that might be used in our next installment.

*Note: Many have asked what the number before the title stands for. Some Computer languages storage of the date in internal format for easy calculations

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