Big news has recently arisen from the betting and online casino industry, with one of the biggest companies in the industry, 10bet, stating that they have aims at launching in Tanzania and Kenya.

This is amazing news for betting and online casino enthusiasts that reside in South Africa, and it’s something that will bring a plethora of new options for fun. 

In this article, we will be telling you three things you need to know about the ordeal surrounding 10bet launching in Tanzania and Kenya, as well as telling you some key info about 10bet that will allow you to get a better idea about how they operate. 

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Diverse Selection of Sports & Games to Choose From  

Perhaps one of the best factors about the launch of 10bet Tanzania and Kenya is the fact that so many people are now going to be able to get access to their favourite games or bet on their favourite sports whenever they may please.

Previously, people in South Africa would have had great difficulty when trying to either find good online casinos to frequent or reputable betting sites, mostly due to the fact that there just aren’t that many sites available for people in these regions.

This is because of some of the common misconceptions people hold about Tanzania and Kenya such as believing that both countries are completely primitive in nature and have access to no technology. Following the previous point, due to the fact that this is what a lot of businesses tend to believe, it makes logical sense for them to not open their services there when they believe that few people would be able to use them.

Although, this is just not the case.

There are numerous locations in Kenya and Tanzania that are technologically modern, with the people that inhabit said locations being able to access computers, phones, TV’s and more. 

Because of this, it is more than likely that a plethora of people will flock to 10bet now, due to 10bet being the only real competitor in the online casino and betting industry. 

A Plethora of Offers & Incentives  

10bet Kenya and Tanzania, as is custom with online casinos and betting sites, are more likely going to have a wide array of different incentives and offers out in order to entice people to come and use their site. 

This means that if you happen to live in Kenya or Tanzania and you have a keen interest in betting or online casinos, then taking advantage of these unique offers will be a great decision.

It is a commonly known fact that online casinos always have some sort of offer on, and 10bet is certainly no stranger to this concept. There is more than likely going to be a plethora of offers for new users which can range from free games or free money to put on when playing games, or even special offers from time-to-time for anyone that happens to be using their services.

Even if you have never played at an online casino before or never placed a bet on sports, it could be a good idea just to take a look at 10bet to see if there are any offers in which you find enticing. You might even end up getting a good deal.

The Impact on South Africa Going Forward  

The recent move from 10bet will not only give the people of Tanzania and Kenya a great new platform in which they will be able to play a variety of games and bet on their favourite sports, but it’s also likely that this move may just have a lasting impact on how other businesses view South Africa. 

South Africa certainly is doing its part to progress, and it seems that now we may finally see its efforts pay off. 

We may see more and more businesses beginning to realise that South Africa is now a valuable location to launch their businesses, and in a few years, it’s unknown how much different South Africa will look.

To sum up, 10bet’s recent decision to launch their services throughout South Africa is going to bring excitement to a vast number of people.

It’s no secret that some countries in Africa can tend to get left out a little when it comes to the internet due to the misconceptions people may hold about them, but 10bet’s move may just encourage other companies to step foot into South Africa too.

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