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A Cry for an International Intervention; President Peter Terrorizing Citizens In Malawi in an Attempt to Rig Election or Impose State of Emergency


We appeal to the international community, SADC and AFRICAN UNION to help innocent citizens in Malawi to stop President Peter Mutharika with his party from terrorizing people of Malawi.

Heinous crimes are being committed in this small southern African nation by the ruling party thugs but the president and his government looks on.

First it was the issue of blood sucking, then came the issue of bones and killing of people with Albinism.

As this dossier is released a six months baby with Albinism was abducted in the north of the country, three weeks ago another 26 years old was being buried after being hacked brutally to be sold wherever there is a market of people with Albinism.

Members of opposition parties are being terrorized in blood bath publicly by state sponsored thugs known as ruling party Cadets.

Recently the nation of Malawi has just been stripped naked when a “woman” was seen being stripped naked, her sin or offence being dressing a political party regalia from the opposition party.

USA, EU, Germany, Australia, UK and many of you were on our side with various support when we chose to depart from one party state and embraced multiparty democracy.

You helped us craft a constitution that is a freedom charter for each and every one including people living with Albinism.

You helped us promulgate laws that protected everyone and you helped institute an office of the president that will lead in defense, protect and preserve the rule of law.

26 years later President Peter Mutharika is reversing all that we did back to one party rule of terror.

The Southern province which is wrongly believed to be his stronghold has these thugs [cadets] removing political party flags from opposition benches.

Traditional leaders are heard instructing their subjects not to allow members of opposition parties hold campaign or political rallies in their areas. President Peter Mutharika sanctions this.

Unfortunately all these are happening at the watch of the democratic president.

The five years of his rule president Peter Mutharika has plundered the country’s resources with corruption and state looting by his party.

The rule of law is applied selectively against opposition followers and common citizens without links and connections with the ruling party.

All crimes committed by the ruling party and President Peter Mutharika together with his wife are not prosecutable.

Malawi has lost sense. We are living in absolute fear.
Suspicion is a crime subject for arrest even if there is nothing to worry about.

Freedom of speech is a crime according to President Peter Mutharika under his professional translation of law as a jurist.

Yesterday women from all over the corners of the country outsmarted the patriarchal bench of men by gathering in the capital Lilongwe to show their open defiance against politics of violence, anarchy and abuse of power by President Peter Mutharika.

All these are happening without the president echoing any word of caution.

National Police has just been reduced to a docile institution which is ashamed for failing to discharge its duty for fear of President Peter Mutharika and his ruling party.

President Peter Mutharika know that he has lost confidence of being a leader in the country.

His crippled eloquence in speeches, distinguishing of national duty has given room for the country to dispose him in a free and fair elections coming in 119 days ahead.

He has completely failed to raise citizen’s confidence and knowingly he is inflicting terror to scare citizens so that he can rule another term.

Malawi of 1993 cannot afford to have this man as a president for 10 years as far as his speeches and type of rule are concerned.

Despite age but the man is incapable of being a president of a progressive nation such as Malawi.

Under his leadership corruption and state looting have seen over MK1 trillion in tax payers money lost and unaccounted for.

His home alone has squandered MK53.5 billion, what type of a leader can live extravagantly like that in a third poorest nation on Earth?

With such loot none of his cronies, henchmen and cohorts have been apprehended.

Where is Malawi going to be with such a leader in 2024 if he is allowed to remain at the helm?

The people with voice are the women that gathered as mothers in Lilongwe, they really outsmarted patriarchy though mothers from the terrorist party did not attend but regalia from all opposition parties gathered in solidarity to denounce violence and terror but without power and resources who can listen and consider their grievances when the government is controlled by terrorists and thugs.

President Peter Mutharika has not at any single day condemned violence or castigation.

To him violence and castigation is democracy yet people like those of us standing against this archaic and thieving rule are charged and detained under section 4 of the protection of emblems and flags, the outdated law that made us treat Kamuzu Banda as part of the emblems of the nation when in true sense is a servant subject for transparency and accountability and investigation if found abusing the law and office.

President Peter Mutharika know clearly that he has lost confidence in the people of Malawi.

He is using terror and scare to cling to power. This he is doing that as “open defiance campaign increases” or if citizens “react in retaliation” he imposes curfew leading to state of emergency where elections will be postponed and nulled. His quest to cling into power.

President Hage Geingob of the Republic of Namibia as Chairperson of the regional body SADC, AU Chairperson as well as diplomatic missions in Malawi are asked to send fact finding rapporteur to investigate these matters before Malawi turns into civil war.

We cannot be blanketed by terror when we were supposed to be sitting around the table discussing and debating how can we develop our economy and change the vulnerable living conditions of our people.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Dr. Haswel Bandawe
Chairperson and Trustee
Malawi Engagement Group [MAENGA]

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