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Amidst tension in Zambia; Malawi Prophet Liabunya tells HH to contact him asap

Prophet Austin Liabunya- HH must contact me asapMalawi Prophet Austin Liabunya has told the candidate he prophesied that he will win in Zambia Hakainde Hichilema that he should humble himself and contact him for prayer. However, he has still assured him that he will win the Zambian election and become Zambian President in a hotly contested election which has been marred by massive irregularities with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) trying to get to the Presidency by hook or crook.

Below is the statement the man of God has posted on his official facebook page 16 minutes ago. 


Hello Beloved,
Greetings in the precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I would like to address the issue concerning the prophecy I gave about the Zambian elections on 31st December 2014 during the Night Of Judgement program. It’s very important that I address the issue urgently as I have recently received thousands of emails from Zambia particularly asking whether what other media houses published of who will win the elections it’s true or not.

On this I would like to say its true that I said about the elections though some media misinformed the public except the Maravi Post who had quoted me well in my view.

In the prophecy, I said time has come for Zambia to be led by a visionary youth leader according to the vision I saw in February 2014 that indicted a person with letters HH is going to win the election though they will try to steal his votes through different means and that there will be delays in releasing the results because of misunderstandings between the two leading parties.

I said according to the instructions I received in the Vision if I pray for him, what ever means they will use to steal the votes will not work.

And It’s very much important that people understand that when God speaks you need to instantly come close to Him to listen very clearly instructions attached to what He says as Moses did when he saw the burning bush. Every complete prophecy has conditions attached that determine it’s fulfillment.

One thing I know in my understanding of God is that one moment you can spend with God is more than millions of moments you can spend working hard because all things are possible with Him.

And I would like to boldly say that God doesn’t change, what He said will still come to pass. The concerned person should just humble himself and rush for prayer and the throne is his as God has said already.

After prayer, he will see how the hand of God will manifest and put him on the throne. What do I mean? God is not man that He should lie nor is He son of man that He should change His mind.. If he comes I will reveal to him what God has already instructed me which is personal, let him who has ears hear.

I repeat according to what I saw: the concerned person should not loose hope for the throne is his!

I would also like to say that PROPHECY is not PREDICTION; these are too different words.

PROPHECY is to utter deep things from the heart of God concerning the future while PREDICTION is to foretell according to the look of things. I don’t predict, I prophesy as God commands me. Many prophesy due to the look of things and they call it prophecy that’s why it may lack backing from the Holy Spirit. PROPHECY Is a gift from God that can not be repented. This is the gift God gave me and it’s for His own glory not mine! 

I will continue to speak as He commands and it shall come to pass. It’s not my first time to pray for people and they become presidents or MPs or senators, I have seen God doing it because He said to me many years ago when He called me: “and I will hide in you wisdom for kings and queens and they shall come to you and prosper in their way”.

About the floods In Malawi, I also foresaw it and soon we are going to verify this to you, remember that God will not do anything but reveals it first to His servants, the prophets!

Finally, to the people of Zambia, I’m with you in prayers and all shall be well soon but don’t judge who has won from the look of things but according to God.

I love you,

God bless you and God bless the Republic of Zambia!

Yours In The Lord,
Prophet Austin Liabunya,
BSI Winning Life Ministries International.
Lilongwe, Malawi

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