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Apology or Mockery by Crafty Joshua Chisa Mbele “On Summons of Defamation”

Joshua Mbele

Supporters of President Chakwera’s son are eager to see an apology where none exits. Joshua Chisa Mbele has mastered the English language to where people see different things depending on which side of the political schism they align with.

He writes, I have read and understood the contents of the Summons. The well-wishers have sent me copies. This clearly means he has yet to receive the official summon from the courts.

I am asked to Apologize and withdraw the remarks that said Mr Nick Chakwera and Reverend Martin Mainja are business partners.

For the sake of Peace, Time and Good Neighborliness I would do what Common Sense  advises my conscience to do.

I hereby irrevocably attest as follows:

  Apologize for remarks that appeared on my wall that purported that Mr Nick Chakwera is a business partner of Martin Mainja, the man whose companies allegedly got handpicked and paid obscenely exorbitant amounts of money to the tune of MK97,000,000 for the job that would have costed the taxpayers less than MK10,000,000.

 Though I did not author the alleged business relationship, I still apologize unconditionally regardless of who brought it to my attention. I apologize because it appeared on my wall. (He clearly denies being the author of offending remarks that young Chakwera saw as being offensive)

 Though I categorically refuted that Mr Nick Chakwera and Mr Martin Mainja were connected in business, I still offer my sincere and unconditional apologies. (He actually says he did not accuse Nick Chakwera of the being in the crooked partnership)

  I personally did not know Mr Nick Chakwera. I certainly do not know what he does for a living. I had no reasons whatsoever to act with malice against him. The Audit Report never mentioned him. It was the public that came with business relationship claim. ( By Claiming no malice Nick being a public figure by virtue of his father’s position has to prove Malice before anything else to a court)

When it could not be authenticated, I refuted it.

In summary, nobody wants to be fighting with anybody. Certainly not with people that you do not know. Not with people that do not hold public office. Not with innocent individuals. And certainly not with the family of your President.

We are here as the ultimate fallout of what transpired with Covid Money. If everything happened as specifically intended, these Summons would not have been served. There would be no bad news. No investigations. No arrests. No fallout.

I sincerely apologize, nevertheless, for the wrong impression it might have portrayed.

So, is this an apology to Nick Chakwera or not? This Joshua Chisa Mbele is a crafty dude. I would not waste my money taking him to court.

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