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An appeal to Prime Minister Thomas Thabane his Four for Four Coalition Government in Kingdom of Lesotho

Thomas Thabane

Former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane

Thomas Thabane
Prime Minister Designate Thomas Thabane

Prior to your inauguration we submitted our statement pleading with you that as you form a new government you must, as a matter of urgency, implement the Phumaphi Commission recommendations so as to stabilize the Kingdom into normalcy.

Congratulations for your coming back at the helm of the Government.

Two days before your swearing in ceremony, regrettably, your estranged wife was murdered in cold blood. We offer deep felt condolences for the loss of your beloved wife!

We appealed for the SADC Intervention Force to help you establish institutional structures as you lay a new foundation for the troubled Kingdom.

This statement of appeal is directed mainly to four heads of the coalition. We are aware that although the three of you may been in exile, it does not mean that your ideologies will match; it does not mean that your marriage with the butterflies, as they call themselves, with Mr. Moleleki will make you a uniform team in policy formulation and mode of governance. Understandably, the lack of majority in parliament will bars you from instituting massive reforms.

This is an uphill struggle for you and your new administration. We are well aware that the majority in the Kingdom’s defence force does not take orders from you because their political affiliations differs from yours. We are also mindful of the tattered state the Kingdom’s police is in.

Lipolelo Thabane shot dead
Lipolelo Thabane was going through a prolonged divorce, shot dead

Politically we are also accustomed to the tension that is between you and your rivals, those you have just defeated at the polls. Mindful of their evil wishes and intentions against you, we are aware that plans may be hatched to eliminate you physically or otherwise.

This is the reason we are appealing to you to seek the hand of external assistance on policing as well as military matters, to help you establish professional and robust institutions in the Kingdom.

We may not repeat again, but vengeance and witch hunt are not the best tools of restoring order. It is fair trial and justice that can accomplish this.

Amnesty will have to be granted, unless you, by consensus, agree to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Bureau.

Right Honorable Prime Minister, you must make sure justice is not only being seen to take place but must walk the talk.

Many nations such as Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and others are in turbulence or will soon go through the Kingdom’s path because they chose to cover up the atrocities of the past in an attempt to shield those that were regarded as famous and heroes. The end result is that these nations are in turbulence of political, social and economic devastation.

We may not have a great hope in you, as you are human too, but make sure and do not condone corruption in your administration. Corruption has made Africa the global laughing stock and shamefully become an empty continent while outsiders see this continent as a home of plenty.

History recommends you as one administrator with upright hands because any ministry you administered from the past governments, you did extremely and excellently well; please use the very same prowess to distinguish your leadership.

You may not choose to ask for boots on the ground from SADC, but at least military pens and encyclopedia, will be required to help restore order and bring back the Kingdom of envy.

Lesotho is one of the Kingdoms with rich resources, advantaged with a small and manageable population, it is not far when the Kingdom can become a middle class income nation if you can utilize the said resources for the benefit of the entire nation.

Greed, selfishness, intolerance, divisions and cupidity are prime enemies of economic and social growth. Many nations have failed because of this.

May the Kingdom of Lesotho, under your mantle become the beacon of hope, so that the past is buried forever?

Our older chiefs used to say “the past is what has been destroyed, the present is where we lay a new beacon for us to build a new inspiring future.

The foundation would like to leave you with the same sentiments for you to embark on an exercise of rebuilding the Kingdom of Lesotho.

With Khotso your office must promulgate the best policies, with Pula wisdom must fall like rain, with Nara your team 4X4 must drive the four cornered Kingdom to greater heights of success.


S. Jumah is a regular Maravi Post contributor

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