Mkaka – Foreign Affair Minister, sadden worth questioned

FREE EXPRESSION (MalawiTalk) – I am slow to believe that Mr Norman Paulos Chisale , Former President Peter Mutharika’s security aid is the biggest problem we have right now.

This man, yes, plundered us to the bones and its good he keep getting exposed and, God willing, the courts will give him the deserved justice.

But look here, as we keep discussing Chisale every day, let’s not shy away that he get used to cover up the dirt already taking root in this President Dr Lazarus Chakwera government.

The same dirt deals that Chisale was involved in, we have evidence, some in the current government are also busy with them.

We have details of how they are amassing wealth through shady deals because the large hand of State House protection is thrust upon them.

Of specific mention, among many, are ministers such Eisenhower Mkaka in foreign affairs.

So many stories have been written with regards to how Mkaka is pocketing millions from corrupt Indians and smuggling things—just as Chisale was doing.

We know Mkaka, according to inside sources, is the favorite of the President, as such, he is being protected. In fact, word in town is that he is one of the two errand boys of the landlord at State House. Well, time will give answers to these tempting romours.

But be told: Much as Chakwera’s cronies can feel invincible today, the day of reckon will always dawn.

Chisale never imagine this day would come because, as Mkaka and others, he was blinded by false sense of superiority. That feeling of thinking as if power is forever.

But things change and power, with time, melts to raw form on emptiness. It has melted into emptiness for Chisale today.

I am sure Chakwera is bold enough to discipline his boys because time is coming for them too.

When he accused former president Peter Mutharika of being ‘Prince of Thieves’, Chakwera did not see Mkaka coming!

And when Chakwera promised  to clear the rubble of the cartels of corruption strangling Malawi’s development, he did not see Mkaka coming!

About the Author: Cyril Bini is Editor-at-Large of MalawiTalk. His column  is called “Free Expression”

Disclaimer: The views express in the article are those of the author not necessarily of the Malawi Post or Editor

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