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Atupele Muluzi questions Chakwera’s 1.3 Trillion kwacha number on corruption, challenges him to reveal his sources

Peter Mutharika and Atupele Muluzi during presentation of nomination papers ceremony

LILONGWE (MaraviPost): Lazarus Chakwera in his weekly address carried by all Malawi Media houses said he was shocked with the level of economic plunder by the previous government, which he estimated to be 1.3 Trillion kwachas.

In his address to the nation, Chakwera underscored that his government will not let those who took part in the economic plunder, theft and corruption go scot free, but rather, will let the law take its course.

It is that figure of 1.3 Trillion kwacha, that Atupele Muluzi who run against Lazarus Chakwera and saulos Chilima as Vice President on the DPP/UDF tickets has taken issue with. He believes Lazarus Chakwera is exaggerating that number to make himself and his government look good.

In a Facebook posting that the Maravi Post has seen, Former Vice President running mate writes:

President Chakwera informed Malawian is during his weekend broadcast of a grand theft of public resources that he estimated to be 1.3 Trillion kwachas.

Whilst I commend him for his stance against corruption however, we need full disclosure and evidence by the President as to how he was informed of such an alarmingly high figure.

Considering the annual budget of Malawi hovering around the same figure and considering that Malawi is on an IMF/World Bank program, this needs to be further explained.

Following the discovery of “cashgate” theft during President Joyce Banda’s administration we had anticipated that we had sufficient checks and balances in place to have detected the plunder of such large sums.

Theft of 1.3 trillion kwacha or of 1 kwacha is THEFT.

I urge the Tonse Administration to present the evidence to the courts and they can count on my full support in their fight against corruption. It is an evil scourge in our politics that needs to be eliminated.

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