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Be Smart and Win: 5 Clever Strategies for Playing Online Slots

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Playing slots is about the fun experience, but it’s more about winning. Are you sick and tired of playing and trying different slots only to find that you rarely earn back your bets? We’re here to tell you that there is a reason why these online slots are not paying you back. It all starts with picking the right slot. When you have the one with the best statistics, the wins will come more easily.

Playing Online Slots in the UK

Online slots are very popular here in the UK because they are widely available and easily accessible for people because the legal gambling age is just 18. Players can participate in online slots through casinos or just a solo slot site.

Are you curious about how to find the best online slots and classic slots online that are available in the UK? Read on to find out how we narrow down our choices. Aside from the points below, Konstantin Terekhin, our expert in how to win while playing online slots, has more information here

  1. The Return-to-Player Rate

The first and perhaps the most important consideration when looking for a high-paying or easy-win slot is the return-to-player rate or RTP. Online slots will always list the RTP. What is RTP? It’s not the total win but the percentage of your total wagers the game will pay back to you.

In that sense, the higher the RTP, the lower the potential losses. RTP goes from 0 to 100, but, of course, you will have increased difficulty finding ones that are closer to 0. No developer will create a game with RTPs lower than 90 because no players will want to take that risk. Even the high-risk gamblers will steer clear of those, even if the jackpot is millions.

The average RTP is 96%, anything lower is considered low, and higher percentages are ideal. The first tip we’re going to suggest is to pick an RTP that is at least 96% or above. We suggest players in the UK get in the online slots industry on the ground floor because the online industry is facing exponential growth. 

  1. Consider the Volatility 

The next most vital consideration is the volatility rating. You must select the right volatility. The volatility, or variance, is basically how risky the slot is. Low volatility means you have a higher chance of getting wins. In contrast, a high volatility game means you have a lower chance of reaching the max earnings. As you can imagine, medium volatility slots sit somewhere in the middle.

When looking at both the volatility in tandem with the RTP, you will notice that they usually end up in the same place. By that, we mean a lower volatility game may also have a lower hit rate and, in turn, a lower jackpot.

Developers don’t want to make it too easy for you, and games without some sort of challenge just aren’t fun. Volatility can be ranked by low, medium, or high, or a combination of both, like a medium-high volatility slot. 

  1. Use Free Spins  

Free spins offered in a slot game is basically like a free chance at more wins. Players should take advantage of every benefit awarded to them, and free spins are one of them. Free spins can also sometimes come with multipliers that will double, triple, quadruple, or more your winnings. 

There are some slots that offer endless free spins that do not cease until there are no more winning combos landed. Progressive mechanics such as this will greatly increase your winning chances.

  1. Read the Reviews

Trust others and learn from their experiences. If you don’t want to risk even a single cent of your own money, Google the reviews of the slot game you are considering. Make good use of all the information you can get your hands on before you invest in the game. 

Consider joining groups and forums online that discuss the game in question and ask other more experienced players to clarify any queries you may have. 

  1. The Stop Loss Strategy 

Know when to quit. That is one of the most valuable pieces of advice a gambler can learn but also one of the hardest to abide by. The stop-loss strategy is one where a player sets the biggest loss he or she is willing to take before they cut their losses and quit the game.

Setting this number is important because it will prevent you from losing unnecessary money. A stop win number is also crucial because there are many gamblers out there that are win chasers and want to keep going after a big win to gain an even bigger jackpot. This is understandable and very common, but it’s also one that could lead to your demise. 


Playing slots online is fun, but you must also make sure to play smart. No game is fun when the losses accumulate!

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