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Bills passed in Parliament cause more confusion as they need Presidential signature to become law


The Speaker encouraged by MCP party members passed bills. One attempting to set and change the dates of voting.

First thing to note is that last week Thursday, a Constitutional amendment was attempted that would have set the day of voting for the President to 19th May 2020 and the next General Election to May 2025. This was rejected by Parliament.

Today, the opposition brought those same amendments through bills. They passed.

However, they are in conflict with the Constitution. And we all know that any bill/law that is in conflict with the Constitution is unconstitutional therefore cannot be applicable.

Section 80 of the Constitution says a Presidential election shall take place concurrently with a Parliamentary election.

If we are going to have a fresh Presidential election, we need to change the Constitution with 2/3 majority so that we vote for the President on his/her own without a vote for MPs.

Section 67 of the Constitution says a general election shall be 5 years after voting.

We voted in 2019, the next General election is in 2024. As per the Constitution.

For us to change the voting to 2025, we need a Constitutional amendment not an amendment of an Act of Parliament.

The Constitution is in place. As of today, we are not voting in May 2020.

Meantime President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika will address a press briefing at Kamuzu palace on Tuesday. The press briefing will be live on MBC TV and MBC Radio 1 from 10am

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