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Blood sucking rumours back in Malawi

Blood Sucking in Malawi

blood sucking tolls

By Lusekero Mhango

Rumours of blood-sucking have resurfaced in Makwale and Mulora villages of Traditional Authority (T.A.) Mabuka in Mulanje, following a woman’s claim that she was blood-sucked last week, Maravi Post has established.

It all started when 24 year old Mary Pandamanja, from Mulora Village claimed that she had her blood sucked at her house as she was sleeping.

During the same week, officials from the World Food Program were almost attacked by an angry mob in Mimosa as they were thought to be blood suckers but were rescued by community policing members in the area.

Mulanje Police Publicist, Gresham Ngwira, confirmed both incidences but dismissed them as just rumours and advised that they should be treated as such, saying police are yet to find evidence.

He said Mary Pandamanja, who started the rumours in her village, was arrested and charged with an offense of giving false information as she did not provide any evidence that she was indeed blood-sucked.

The police spokesperson added that after examination, hospital officials indicated that there was nothing wrong with her.

“I can confirm that these rumours have started going round again, but as police, we have not yet gathered evidence that these things indeed do happen.

“But we think some people just want to fulfill their criminal motives by disturbing peace of people in the district under the disguise of the blood sucking myth,” explained Ngwira.

Recently, Member of Parliament for Mulanje-Limbuli, Daud Chida also told a full council meeting that his area had also been awash with blood sucking rumours.

He, therefore, asked the council to make sure security was tightened in the district as the country would be going through a national housing and population census where people would be moving around houses collecting information.

Last year, people in Mulanje and other few districts were living in fear following news that the blood suckers were moving around. Some people lost their lives through mob justice for being suspected of being blood suckers.

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