In Nigeriia of today, under the clueless leadership of Buhari, Pantamism has come to join the ranks of notorious “Isms” that deals particularly in the Afliction of the Nigerian people with the virulent disease of terrorism. 

Just like how the regime deodarized corruption, Buhari’s recent endorsement of Pantami is nothing short of the institutionalization of terrorism and religious extremism. it translates to the legitimization of the ongoing terrorism in the north and unfair vilification of thousands of those who have fallen victim, some in fatal dimension, of religious extremism that has assumed the shape of insurgency. 

Under Buhari’s regime, citizens are described as being anti-north simply for calling for the sack of a minister with concrete records of affiliation and support for Islamic terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. Nigerians are regarded anti-Islam for calling for the need to protect the nations’ data from terrorists whom we can confirm have a sympathizer in a minister who handles the national data.

This government has not only justified our most “esteemed” position as the third most terrorized country in the world, it has also assisted the narrative of “fulanization” and “Islamization” of Nigeria. 

Meanwhile, this  agenda in the real sense,  have in the best scenario benefited elites of all ethno-religious background, in a worse situation, profitted their rich Muslim friends from across the North and South and in the worst circumstance, empowered their rich/powerful Northern cronies.

in the administration of Buhari, all government institutions have become institutions of terror for the Nigerian people. 

Our security agencies terrorize and kill young people on daily basis, the ministry of Labor and employment terrorize workers in addition to being incapable of providing employment, the Ministry  power terrorizes the entire country with the darkness that is purchased at an expensive and unregulated rate. 

Ministry of housing terrorizes Nigerians with homelessness that has condemned millions of people to under-bridge settlers and street urchins that have now become child/teenage cultists and “hoodlums” that are available as government tools to foment election violence. 

The regime on frequent basis dispenses policies of terror that has rendered the naira useless, sustained Nigeria as poverty capital of the World, reduced our nation to a situation where the law courts are shut down for weeks over issues that borders on financial autonomy and independence of the judiciary. It has descended the country to where we have now resorted to the printing of money as opposed to policies that mobilizes social wealth. 

With Buhari’s Pantamism, we have lost our country to the rule of bandits and terrorists. But these beastly insurgents are not only organized in bushes, they have a full presence and adequate representation in government offices and sectors. They have now become emboldened by government patronage and empowerment to advance their nefarious activities from the highways to the schools and campuses. 

And now, rumor has it that they are now courageous enough to go after the national assembly; an institution built and sustained by taxpayers money but occupied by characters who have ensnared Nigerians in the webs of poverty and hardship complicated by institutionalization of insecurity and total anarchy.

There is no getting out of this unimaginable mess if we fail as a people to put an end to a regime of terror and institutionalized poverty. There is no better time than now for the oppressed people of Nigeria, North, South and across all religious divides, to come together in unison to chant the songs of BuhariMustGo and clench their fists for a people’s revolution.

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