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Busted!! Boy Club scandals turn Kenya’s Nairobi into sex den

Kenyan women ready for action

NAIROBI-(MaraviPost)-As a stranger, when you first land in Nairobi, you are met with traffic that clogs the Capital city’s ventricles, minibuses honking, drivers charged on adrenaline, ‘Nairobians’ walking briskly along the streets with pent up frustrations in every spring.

Nairobi can also be likened to a gargantuan bedroom. It is this city where people will exchange saliva and other fluids and pass each other on the streets without exchanging as much as a stolen glance.

Your woman will get munched and returned to you like a misplaced pen. Married men with protruding tummies and pregnant wallets get their gonads stroked by young and succulent girls, ilk who are hungry for flashy lifestyles.

The married folks are the serial cheaters. Lunchtime sex is the in thing for cheating married couples who do not want to attract the of suspicion of their spouses and public scrutiny. 

It is not uncommon to find the parking lots of hotels and lodgings full at lunchtime, yet the restaurant areas are empty. Reason? The clients have another idea for a midday ‘meal.’

Soon after, the parking become clear spaces, and the rooms empty out as the clandestine lovers make a dash for the office, satisfied beyond the content that comes with a sumptuous dish.

Most men in the city will leave their homes at dawn to sample sex workers before steeping into the office.

As early as 5.45am, you will find city men, some in suits and briefcases sneaking into sex workers’ dens for morning service.

You can easily tell they have suffered the whole night by the way they moan and enjoy sex when in the hands of the sluts.  

Dating is akin to service provision with a full network. Your boyfriend will sample your entire girl squad, the ones you introduced him to- and he will not spare even the one he told you is a farm tool that you should not hang around.

Nairobi is where feminists will rant on social media how men are trash but still be riding some low quality guy on the low.

They brand the ‘I’m strong and independent tag,” and “I do not need a man anthem” is on repeat mode on their stereo yet they pay rent courtesy of the child support they get from their baby daddies.

Nairobi, the city where woke men form WhatsApp groups where they brag about sharing women.

The recent scandal around controversial comedian and events MC, Felix Oduor, who is popularly known as Jalang’o, who has formed a ‘Boys Club’ group on WhatsApp with his close male friends, where they brag about their sex escapades is just an example of many more.

They lure city slay queens to bed with their flashy fuel guzzlers and lavish lifestyles that they display on social media.

The nymphomaniacs book private apartments in the city to carry out their secret escapades since most of them are married men.

They then post photos of the slay queens that they have lured to bed in the group and ranking each according to their prowess between the sheets.

Nairobi. This is where women will brag about standards yet all it takes to bed them is alcohol, box of Pizza or KFC spicy chicken. Introducing your man to your female friends is like giving him a through pass.

With this corona holding the Country at ransom, thus restricting parties, Ngong’ Hills is the latest green lodging to be launched in Nairobi.

Everyone in Nairobi loves sex but will not admit it. Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist and creator of ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’, categorized sex in the physiological needs category, alongside food and breathing.

That girl you lavish money on just so you can hit, there is a guy who smashes her for free, no fare no nothing.

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