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Busted! How Malawi President Chakwera and his demagogues are promoting corruption

Chakwera his trusted boy Mkaka

By Rick Dzida

A year has gone after Lazarus Chakwera took reigns of power from Peter Mutharika of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but Malawians are still experiencing the same corruptions, tribalism, nepotism more hard than the previous leadership.

Rick Dzida, one of our contributors unpacks how Chakwera’s aids are promoting corruption in Malawi.

1⃣ The secretary to the office of the president, Mr. Zangazanga Chikhosi, is left scot free although he was implicated in the Kambala oil deal gate. He was also implicated in the Martha Chizuma’s report of aiding unprocedural recruitment of officers of Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) when he was a comptroller of statutory corporations.

2⃣ Malawi Congress Party (MCP) regime bulldozed the appointment of Marth Chizuma so that those in the Tonse Alliance regime should be shielded from being investigated.

3⃣ The ACB website,, is deliberately inaccessible so that no one should report corruption and get any latest information on corruption in Malawi.

4⃣ Chakwera has not empowered the police and ACB to publicly investigate even Tonse Alliance members. Even Martha Chizuma confessed that she had to inform the president before effecting an arrest of any cabinet minister.

5⃣ Tonse Alliance loyalists who are answering cases of corruption have been left scot . Chakufwa Chihana and Chaima Banda were able to go to Zambia and Dubai respectively while on bail. Corruption is a serious crime.

6⃣ Malawians are still waiting when ACB will be fully independent. Currently, the ACB director is still being appointed by the Head of state. Malawians are still waiting for an expatriate from abroad to head ACB as it was promised by President Chakwera during the campaign period

7⃣ Chakwera and his team have not sealed the holes of corruption. They are just following the same previous regime corruption system. It is not surprising that Chakwera’s appointees are competing with each other to defraud government resources.

8⃣ The appointment of Chakwera’s acquaintances, relatives, bootlickers and financiers compromises Chakwera’s stand to fight corruption. It is naturally difficult to reprimand such cohorts of people

9⃣ President Chakwera has been spotted to lie on a number of occasions including the dates of cabinet reshuffle. He is proving to be a hypocrite. It is difficult for him to instill a sense of integrity in his subordinates when he himself is a hypocrite.

No Tonse Alliance member has been convicted of corruption yet. People do not expect such selective justice. Malawians are looking forward to the logical conclusion of the following allegations : Cross roads hotel gate, hiking of prices for preparation of presidential inauguration ceremony, bloating of prices for rehabilitation of state residences, NOCMA oil deal gate, smuggling of bills to Parliament without the knowledge of the cabinet, ministers becoming billionaires within a short time, MDF encroaching in local villagers’ land, dubious sale of Vwaza natural reserve, Dubious sale of a house to cashgate suspect Namate, Covid 19 allowances gate etc…

Rick Dzida

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