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Can Peter Mutharika stand again in 2025 presidential polls?

Former President Peter Mutharika claims Bingu was poised

There is a lot of fear especially from Malawi Congress Party (MCP) camp and the Tonse Alliance on the possibility of Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) standing again in 2025.

The fear may be justifiable because there is tangible evidence that APM was robbed of victory through the staged judicial coup.

The results of 2019 presidential elections are statistically similar to those in 2020 fresh presidential elections. This simply means that 2019 presidential elections were not rigged and APM was the right victor of those elections.

Mutharika and Chakwera

But there are some people who personally don’t want APM to stand again. When pressed to give their reasons, they say nothing apart from personal hatred.

The truth of the matter is APM is eligible to stand again in 2025. He only served for a single term and can even bounce back to serve his last second term.

Yes, the Constitution of Malawi allows APM to stand again.

In trying to find a reason to stop APM from standing, they cite that he is too old to govern the country. However, our constitution does not provide maximum age for presidency. Again , in terms of age, the Constitution allows APM to stand again.

Much as it is a fact that there is a negative correlation between age and competence, people age physiologically differently. There have been cases where aged people can be more competent than the younger ones. Competence emanates from a multiplicity of factors.

Let’s compare the competence of APM and Chakwera. For sure, President Chakwera is younger than APM but his competence leaves a lot to desired. In fact APM was more competent than Chakwera.

Chakwera has failed to manage the country’s economy. We have a scarcity of fuel and forex. If young age means competence, then President Chakwera has proved the contrary.

Another worry many people are expressing when APM comes into power is on corruption. Should Malawians go back to the era when the DPP cadets were terrorising people with machetes? When a mere body guard of the president could acquire unexplained wealth through the cement saga? Once bitten , twice shy.

Malawians are more concerned with their welfare. If Chakwera’s government was amassing wealth but it had the welfare of people at heart, I think people would not have been complaining much.

People vote with a hope that their livelihood would be improved. Unfortunately, during Chakwera’s regime, the standard of living is high while Chakwera’s government continues to overspend at the expense of taxpayers money.

Malawians would want APM compete with Lazarus Chakwera again at the polls. As APM is eligible to stand, it only requires him to express his interest to stand again.

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