Chakwera, Chilima betraying Malawians trust

By Nenenji Mlangeni

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-On 9 May 2018, when President Lazarus Chakwera was the Leader of Opposition, he said the following in Parliament:

“Mr. Speaker Sir, I could go on and on naming DPP promises that were nothing but promises. It is a party of unfulfilled promises. Not telling Malawians the truth is how it got into power, and not telling Malawians the truth is how it has governed Malawians… If there is a foreign trip for the President, the DPP will flood his entourage with dozens of cash-hungry handclappers, because it is a chance for someone to steal from Malawians. If there is a vacancy at a foreign embassy that requires a professional and career diplomat, the DPP will send someone unqualified whose only credential is being related to someone at State House by tribe or blood, because it is a chance for someone to steal from Malawians.”

Two years later, Chakwera and his deputy Saulos Chilima have turned the public offices as a bleed for favoritism, nepotism where family members, friends, close ally.

Onjezani Kenani fired up, “At the podium, they took turns accusing Peter Mutharika of practising nepotism. What they meant was nepotism was bad for only as long as those being put into government positions were not their own family members. Once they were voted into power, we are now told that it’s not nepotism because the relatives they are appointing have qualifications.

“Did those people Peter Mutharika appoint not have the so-called qualifications? Besides, the last time I checked, Peter Mutharika never appointed any son or daughter of his to any taxpayer-funded position. His daughters, by the way, are lawyers, with their own legal firms. He also never appointed any in-law to any taxpayer-funded position. But hearing them say it, one would have thought he was the worst nepotist that ever walked the earth. Tell me: why should your nepotism be considered better than Mutharika’s nepotism?”

Joshua Chisa Mbele chipped, “We are turning a page and it seems the truth has now presented itself. This leadership represents everything that Malawians rejected in the past:

1 ~ Impunity

2~ Carelessness with Public Resources

3~ Clueless on Economic Transformation

4~ Nepotism: Shameless appointment of friends, relatives, own children & members of own church 12 months is a Century in Politics.

“We need to send President Chakwera a clear warning that unless he changes the flavor of his style of leadership, Malawians will exert enormous pressure on his administration that will lead into ungovernability and collapse of his administration,” Mbele added.

Honeymoon is over. Let’s go to work. People have been patient, generous in understanding, polite and have defended him based on trust.

Our immediate demands;

1~ Don’t send your Daughter to Brussels as Member of Diplomatic Mission to represent Malawians

2 ~ Remove your Son in Law from State House Duty. Malawi is not a family farm somewhere in Kasiya.

We request the leadership to be sensitive, considerate and fair in its dealings. We have many able & capable citizens suitably qualified for such appointments.

Fellow Countrymen, we are giving President Chakwera and his cronies 3 working days or we embark on national mass action until the administration collapses.

We can’t take it anymore Ndawala pa Town……Ine Ndwiiii…….

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