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Chakwera is driving DPP officials mad: Malison Ndau’s fate forces some officials to gang up against the MCP leader

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)- Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Lazarus Chakwera, who is also the president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  performed his constitutional duty on 8th December, 2016 to respond to the state of the nation address which president Peter Mutharika made in the National Assembly.

In his response, Chakwera said the leadership of president Mutharika and his government is in state of emergency as it is failing to respond decisively to the crisis the country is wallowing in.

DPP officials addressing news conference

“Our nation is in crisis. And in times of national crisis, leadership is critical. But unfortunately for us, the crisis we face is one of leadership itself. And so I have decided to address you directly on this issue, because the leadership of President Mutharika and his government is in a state of emergency, and it will take all of us working together to disabuse ourselves from its destructive effects,” read the statement at the beginning.

Chakwere further labeled Mutharika as a failed leader while accusing the DPP led government of leading a fantasy and luxury life when rest of the population was in deep socio-economic ills.

However, the MCP leader’s speech has not just gone without triggering political tantrums and Chakwera is finding himself at the centre of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) controversy.

Just some hours after Mutharika announced the removal of Malison Ndau from information ministry top seat, reports from well-placed sources indicate that the minister has seen the chop for allowing the opposition leader to continue gaining political mileage through his speeches.

Now, fearing to be the next victims, some DPP gurus, in an attempt to deepen their loyalty to the president, are masterminding a plan to topple Chakwera from leader of opposition in Parliament on grounds that the MCP leader is giving misleading information to the nation over current social-economic turmoil.

Addressing a news conference on Monday at the DPP’s Headquarters in the capital Lilongwe, the party’s Acting Secretary General, Francis Mphepo, Spokesperson Francis Kasayira, Chief Political advisor Heatherwick Ntaba and legal advisor Charles Mhango called Chakwera’s sentiments as unfortunate and misleading.

DPP gurus have described MCP leader’s remarks as hopelessly obsessed with his delusions of political self-righteousness.

The governing party has accused Chakwera of not telling the nation the truth of his own fantasy and luxury life by demanding posh and detailed security guards while Malawians were in dire need of quality public services such as health, education and food.

The DPP has also allegedly said the leader of opposition is struggling with electoral defeat he suffered in 2014.

The officials have disclosed that they will ask Chakwera to resign from leader of opposition in Parliament for failing to play a true leadership role.

“It is irresponsible for a leader of opposition to continue parroting issues that are baseless. But we understand his desperation and political motive for dragging useless matters.

“Hon. Chakwera’s continuing ranting that President Peter Mutharika is living in fantasy are frustrations of immaturity and gross inexperience. He has been calling the state president as failed leader for 57 times. Is this call in a good faith or for him to always say so?

“We will take him to task to justify all the accusations. Chakwera must resign from leader of opposition for failing to lead by example. Even his own party has been calling for early convention which he has always challenged. What is he afraid of”, challenged the DPP top officials.

In reaction to DPP’s fight back, Chakwera hinted that will always provide advice to the current leadership no matter how resistant government might be on critical issues affecting the nation.

“What I offered was in best interest of Malawians which the DPP has considered it a negative manner. It’s therefore up to them to work on the advice we offered”, said Chakwera.

But Political Analyst Ernest Thindwa has described the political confrontations between the governing DPP and opposition MCP as unhealthy for the country’s political growth.

Thindwa observed that the current political bickering is going to affect poor Malawians negatively who currently need provision of quality social services for their lives.


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