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Chakwera’s one year of empty promises

Chakwera not done as expected to Malawians

By Rick Dzida

  1. Tonse Alliance promised universal input subsidy. Much as there was an increase in the number of beneficiaries, it wasn’t universal contrary to what was promised
  2. Much as there is an indication of good crop harvest, Tonse Alliance failed to negotiate better prices for the farmers.
  3. The operationalization of the Access to information Act is a flop. Till now, the much touted reform report is being kept under the carpet. What is Chakwera paranoid about?
  4. There is selected justice. All culprits within Tonse Alliance government are being shielded. NOCMA gate, COVID 19 gate, state houses rehabilitation gate, we can go on and on.
  5. There is laxity to adhere to rule of law. Even now, some public officers haven’t disclosed their asset.
  6. No one knows who squandered covid 19 money. How can Chakwera government reinstate the DCs without any implications of who swindled the covid 19 funds? Is Chakwera really serious on fighting corruption? Abusa awa mmm
  7. Chakwera government accepted about-to-expire AstraZeneca. Does this government think that Malawi is a dumping site?
  8. It is only Chakwera regime that recruits retired people when we have our own youths languishing jobless in the streets
  9. No free water connection yet. In fact, Mzuzu water board is charging more as all the installation costs are borne by the customer. Very sad
  10. No free electricity connection yet. No roadmap on the same. In fact, we are experiencing more blackouts than ever before.
  11. Tonse Alliance is the only goverment that has overspent its budget allocation beyond comprehension
  12. Not stipend for the elderly yet. Will they enjoy the stipend in the grave?
  13. High prices of goods and services. Imagine Tonse Alliance government increasing surtax on essential good such as cooking oil. Where is servant leadership Reverend Chakwera is preaching?
  14. No roadmap on how bullet trains will be implemented
  15. Blind followers of Tonse Alliance are not aware of what is contained in the Tonse Alliance agreement. Awa ndi malonda a mphaka ndithu
  16. Destitute ministers are becoming billionaires within a short time. Does Chakwera regime put the plight of local Malawians at heart?
  17. No driving licence that don’t expire yet and yet we have national IDs that do expire. Were Chilima and Chakwera taking advantage of myopic Malawians?
  18. Malawians continue to be exploited by exotic Indians and yet we have a full ministry of labour to look into these issues.
  19. High incidences of suicide cases due to unbearable financial and love problems. Chakwera government does not seem to have ready answers on these.
  20. No cabinet reshuffle yet contrary to what chakwera promised that he would institute a cabinet reshuffle by December 2020.
  21. Chakwera is busy doing ministerial work rather than strategic and visionary tasks. Malaria campaigns fall under the jurisdiction of ministry of health and Malawi would cut costs by not involving the president in petty and operational issues.
  22. ACB is not independent yet. And there is nothing on ground zero to enact the same over a year now in government now
  23. Chakwera is still the chancellor of public universities. And there is nothing on ground zero to enact the same over a year now in government now
  24. The president hasn’t devolved his powers contrary to what he promised. There is nothing on ground zero now to enact the same over a year in government now.
  25. Nepotism and ethnocentrism take a centre stage. There are many public appointments of people originating from Lilongwe. If it is meritocracy, are the people from Lilongwe only competent

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or editor

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