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Chatinkha defiant, ‘Chakwera has no moral or legal mandate to fire anybody’

Chatinkha Nkhoma Malawi Business Woman and MCP Royalty, Calling for the Ouster of Lazarus Chakwera

Fired Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma maintains that she remains member of the party saying President Lazarus Chakwera has no right to fire her.

Chatinkha told journalists in Lilongwe that what the party leadership is doing to expel some members in the party for speaking out is an indication of the growing lack of intraparty democracy in the MCP.


The party’s leadership has resorted to violence and intimidation towards members that are holding dissenting views against Chakwera.

On Thursday, the MCP leader announced the expulsion of some of the NEC members and those that are fighting for justice.

Lazarus Chakwera Leading a splintered MCP Party

Other die-hard members, who have been expelled, are Salima Central Parliamentarian Felix Jumbe, Azam Mwale and Denis Nathumba; while the party’s spokesperson Jessie Kabwira and law-maker Joseph Njobvuyalema have been suspended pending disciplinary hearing.

The expelled members have been pressing Lazarus Chakwera to call for an early convention, accusing him of being undemocratic.
Chidzanja Nkhoma told media that Chakwera has no moral or legal mandate to fire anybody from the party.


“He should have listened to our side of the story before firing us as provided for in our constitution. Why are they trying to block us from expressing our views?


“I did not apply to Join MCP but I was born and brought up in MCP. Even Chakwera himself found me in MCP so where have you seen or heard a tenant evicting the Landlord,” queried Chatinkha.


Jumbe declined to comment on the matter as the party had not yet communicated to him officially.


He claimed to have learnt about his expulsion through the media and promised to issue a statement in due course.


The party, well known for its brutal 30 year rule, is embroiled in power struggle with the leadership expelling from the party those with dissenting views


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