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Chief Elections Officer Sam Alufandika in re-examination starts the dismantling of UTM and MCP Petitions

Sam Alufandika
Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chief Election Officer Sam Alufandika

Observer Cornelius Wa Mapira

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chief Elections Officer Sam Alufandika has emphasized in the Constitutional court that there was no fake tally which were used during the May 21 Elections.

He also cleared misconceptions by the opposition of regarding barcodes as security features, he said barcodes were not used as security features.

Lawyer Chokhotho: How were the petitioners involved in their complaints of Tippex and duplicate

Sam Alufandika: we had a meeting with the petitioners it was emphasized if the second petitioner should bring to the commission any contrary results so that the commissioners to continue investigating

Lawyer Chokhotho : you were referred to your sworn statement and it was alleged that it was just your opinions

Sam Alufandika: the statement was not my opinion but facts. In absence of contrary figures

Lawyer Chokhotho ; looking at the second petitioner what can you say on the failure for commissioners meeting

Sam Alufandika: that was there assumptions but from my knowledge, the commissioners met daily than ever before

Lawyer Chokhotho : what is the relationship between banking procedure and electoral management

Sam Alufandika; there is no connection and I find it wrong to connect banking procedures and elections

Lawyer Chokhotho ; what is the connection between international accounting procedures and elections

Sam Alufandika; there is no connection

Lawyer Chokhotho : where are the electoral processes contain in Malawi

Sam Alufandika: in Malawi, we use electoral laws, that is a presidential act, parliamentary act and local government act

Lawyer Chokhotho : you were asked if you ever saw fake tally sheets

Sam; the exhibit to prove fake tally sheets were examined by MEC and it is not true, and some were used in some centres and some were reserved. And all sheets were printed in Dubai and have the same security Checks as others

Lawyer Chokhotho : you have mentioned the issue of security checks and there were issues again on barcode numbers

Sam Alufandika; I wanted to explain 2 things 1 the barcodes on original, those that appeared on the tally sheets and one barcode could appear on all duplicates and all barcodes were not security features

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