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Chief Secretary Muhara says Public Sector Reforms, key to Malawi economic independence

LLoyd Muhara

Chief Secretary to the Government Lloyd Muhara, this week described the Public Service Reforms Agenda as key to the Malawi’s transformation into economic soundness and independence.

Muhara made the assertion in Lilongwe on Monday when he presided over the opening of a five-day sectoral conference on the implementation of the Public Sector Reforms.

The conference, designed for Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), implementing the reforms, aims to share notes on experiences, progress and challenges since the launch of the Agenda in February 2015.

“We need to recognise that the current financial pressure that MDAs are exerting on the national budget can be eased significantly if we become more vigilant and innovative in identifying new revenue sources and investment opportunities,” Muhara said.

“Reform activities will be efficiently implemented if our efforts are made in a coordinated manner to ensure that we maximise on the synergies that exist within our different sectors,” he said.

The Chief Secretary then explained that the public sector was key to national transformation and a prerequisite to the attainment of national development goals.

Among the sectors represented at the conference are Education and skills development, Agriculture and water, Transport and Infrastructure and Finance.

Underscoring the economic relevance of the sectors to the country, Muhara said “we believe that based on our national priorities, as well as the newly developed Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III, these are the sectors that will transform Malawi into an economically sound and independent nation.”

Muhara said the “business as usual” attitude is regrettably one area that still affects progress in the implementation of reforms, and he called for Malawians to change their mindsets.

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