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Chikwawa man gets 10 years for defiling 4 year old girl



By Alick Junior Sichali

The Chikwawa Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 49 year old man to 10 years imprisonment for defiling a 4 year old girl.

Chikwawa Police Public Relations Officer, Foster Benjamin, confirmed this  in an interview saying Chirizani Maudzu committed the offence last year in  January.

Benjamin said the court, through State Prosecutor Danford Otala, heard that Maudzu defiled the neighbour’s daughter in the absence of both his wife and his own daughter.

“During that time, Maudzu invited both the victim and his own daughter who  were playing outside.
He gave his daughter a K5 coin to buy some sweets on her own, taking  advantage of his daughter’s absence, he dragged the victim into his bedroom  where he defiled her,” explained Otala .

It is said that the girl came out crying, prompting her mother to check on her and discovered that she had been sexually attacked.

The matter was reported to Police who arrested the accused and charged him with defilement.

Appearing before Chikwawa Magistrate Court, Maudzu denied the charge whichmmade the state to parade witnesses to testify on the matter.

In his mitigation, he said he had an extended family to look after hence  asking for leniency.

The state, however, prayed to the same court to hand the accused a harsh sentence, arguing cases as such were on the rise in the district despite several convictions on the same.

First Grade Magistrate Gladstone Chirundu, while concurring with the state in condemning an increase in defilement cases, noted that characters like Maudzu need not to be condoned in society but rather isolated for the sake of girl children.

Chirundu pronounced his verdict and slapped the accused with a 10 year jail  term which he said would serve as a lesson to others.


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