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Civil Right leaders petition Parliament-“Malawians want universal farm inputs subsidy nothing else”

Chipiriro Mpinganjira, Blantyre City Centre MP receiving petition from civil rights leaders

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)– One of the country’s civil societies leaders under the banner Forum for Democracy and Rights Defenders (FDRD) on Thursday, September 10, 2020 petitioned Malawi Parliament with demands that Tonse Alliance must fulfill all promises made during June 23, 2020 presidential elections.

The grouping noted with concerns that President Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse government wants to change some promises made during campaign period.

Addressing the news conference after presenting the petition to lawmakers at Parliament building FDRD’s Chairperson Abdul Rahman Ajassie cited only 4.5 million Malawians to benefit from farm inputs instead of universal farm inputs subsidy.

Ajassie said there is no need to change for promises made to Malawians because Tonse Alliance is in government.

“Malawians want universal farm inputs subsidy not for only selected individuals as that’s breaking promises made during campaign period,” demands Ajassie.

Chipiriro Mpinganjira, Blantyre City Centre Member of Parliament (MP) assured the civil rights leaders that their concerns will be submitted to the August Speaker before tabled to the whole house.

Below is the full petition statement copied to Leader of Government Richard Chimwendo Banda, Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa and
Chief Whips.


The Civil societies leaders under the banner of Forum for Democracy and
Rights Defenders (FDRD) realizes the need for government to serve the
people of Malawi in fulfilling all the promises made during political campaign
for them to be ushered into power.

The petition highlights on the call to the National assembly for the need to deliberate and prioritize on campaign promises to the people of Malawi made by the Tonse Alliance Government under the leadership of Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

Bearing in Mind that the economic melt- down and wrecking -havoc on
Malawians for over 50 years now has “worsened the plig Recalling our deliberations on the theme “time to hold office bearers accountable on their actions, citizens to realize, defend and claim their rights as enshrined in the policy and legal instruments”:

Further recognizing the need for meaningful citizen empowerment, active and effective participation in formulation and implementation of policies an laws that affect them in an effort to accelerate the economic recovery of the country:

Reaffirmed our commitment to respect and protect human rights and other
values of democracy and good governance:

We submit this Petition to the National Assembly, calling the August house to
prioritize their deliberations in making sure that all promises made by Tonse
Alliance during campaign are being enforced and implemented Recognizing the call by the Government of Malawi for increased attention to the issues affecting ordinary citizens in different policy and legal instruments such as African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (1981), African Charter on Democracy, Governance and Elections (2007) and many more:

Further recognizing the willingness of citizens to actively participate and
meaningfully contribute to national development efforts in addressing the
social economic challenges that have worsened the plight and vulnerability of
We would like to remind the National Assembly that they sit in that August
House as representatives of the citizens of this country, therefore it is
paramount to make sure that all that is deliberated in the House reflects the
aspirations of Malawians.
As Citizens of this country, we expect nothing to be prioritized during this
sitting of Parliament as opposed to the following promises that were made
during campaign

  1. Free connection of water and electricity
  2. Abolition of nepotism and tribalism
  3. Universal fertilizer subsidy of K4,495/bag
  4. Re-introduction of Housing allowance for all sidelined civil servants
  5. Creation of 1 million jobs for the youth across the country in12 months’
  6. Increased tax free threshold to K100,000.00
  7. Getting a passport at K14,000.00
  8. Paying of K20,000.00 for a driving license that is non renewable
  9. K70billion kwacha loan fund to MEDF and that it is not going to be
    politicized as evident by remarks of MCP Vice President of the North
  10. Minimum wage at K50,000.00
  11. Independence of the Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB)
  12. Duty free week
  13. Presidential immunity to be removed
  14. Presidential powers to be trimmed
  15. Respect for the rule of law
  16. Construction of 400 modern roads within 8 months
  17. Introduction of mega farms
  18. Construction of health centers at every 7km across the country
  19. Introduction of risk allowances for all risk prone civil servants
  20. Total protection and repossession of our land from foreigners
  21. Total protection of people with albinism
    By the end of this parliament session Malawians expect NOTHING but the
    beginning of new the plight of prosperous Malawi. We would like to
    remind government that most of these promises are POLICY in nature, it does
    not need time but EXECUTIVE decisions.
    We have noted with great concern that the SONA which his Excellency the
    president presented in the parliament did not touch any of the issues raised herein
    above which are basically the green promises made by the President and his
    Tonse Alliance during campaign.
    We wish to notify the government that Malawians are very intelligent people who
    keeps any single promise ushered to them. Time is now to prove to the people of
    Malawi that the National Assembly represents their aspirations
    Call to Action
  22. The citizens in Malawi are hereby calling on Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima
    to exercise their oversight duty by proving that they are ambassadors of
  23. That the leadership of Malawi shall prove the “Servant Leadership” as
    proclaimed during the campaign period.
  24. This appeal is in line with citizens aspirations to operate in an enabling
    environment in order to contribute effectively to national building and that it is unfair for the citizens to have no voice on matters that are directly affecting and denying them a right to decent life and development.
  25. Make this Malawi for all (Malawi Okomera Tonse)
    Signed: On behalf of the Forum for Democracy and Rights Defenders (FDRD) Chairperson Shaibu Abdul Rahman Ajassie and Oliver Nakoma National Coordinator
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