As citizens of a functioning society, it’s important that we respect the rule of law. The legal system is there to protect civilians against criminals and those that would flagrantly disregard the legislation of a civilized society. However, sometimes we fall foul of the law and end up receiving a criminal record for a lapse in judgment or a poor decision. Here is everything you need to know about removing your criminal record in Montreal.


Is Your Criminal Record Holding You Back?

Having a criminal record can severely impact your quality of life. Trying to apply for credit, or insurance with financial institutions becomes next to impossible to achieve. If you are in the job market and hunting for employment, then you are likely to remain unemployed as the majority of employers do not like to associate their company with criminals and they do not trust them enough to hire them.

With a criminal record, you can forget about leaving the country. All foreign governments will require a police clearance certificate, and you will be denied entry to the country if you have a criminal record. Having a criminal record will make life in a civilized society a problem for you, even leasing a car, or renting a home could become incredibly hard tasks to accomplish.


Record Suspensions – What you Need to Know

Your criminal record is captured and stored in the CPIC, Canadian Police Information Centre. If you have completed your sentence for your convicted crime, then you have the opportunity to apply for your criminal record to be suspended. Record suspensions are available for people that have successfully assimilated into society. If your crime did not involve children and you have not been to jail more than twice, for two years or more in either of your convictions, then you are eligible.

Essentially, a record suspension seals your criminal record from the public view. Potential employers or financial services will not discover your record in their credit and character reference checks. A record suspension gives you another shot at becoming a sustainable, productive member of society.

If you do manage to have your record suspended and sealed, then make sure that you don’t cross the law again. If you are caught and prosecuted for a further crime, you may have your records brought back into the public domain and used against you in court. Federal authorities are also able to access you sealed records if it is deemed necessary for a case against you.


Use Professional Services to Clear Your Canadian Criminal Record

There is an extensive process involved with applying for a record suspension. Trying to complete the process yourself may be a challenging experience. There is a lot of paperwork to complete and tasks that you need to do such as fingerprinting. Instead of going it alone, hire a professional services team to assist you with your application for a record suspension.

These firms specialize in record suspensions and can fast-track your application. Usually, an application can take between twelve to twenty-four months to be approved by the Canadian Parole Board. Using a service provider can reduce this time and ensure the best possible outcome. Use local services for components of your application such as fingerprint services in Montreal. Call your Montreal record suspension specialists and get your application started today.

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