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CONGOMA’S warning to NGO’s and NGO staff engaging in partisan politics

It has come to the notice and knowledge of CONGOMA that some NGO personnel are actually or constructively engaging in partisan politics by among other ways:

• standing for political positions in Political Parties as election candidates or officers or as independent political elections’ candidates 

• accepting political appointments as individuals without recourse or accountability to the overall membership while continuing to work as an NGO Officer, contrary to CONGOMA General Assembly Resolution of 2012 on public appointments
• campaigning or machinating in various ways, directly or indirectly for a Political Party

In this regard, CONGOMA would like to warn Officers in the CONGOMA Board and its Committees; elected Office bearers of NGO Board of Malawi and the general membership of CONGOMA that NGO Act 2000, Section 6 (2) and Section 20(3a) (vi); NGO Code of Conduct for Malawi of 1997 and CONGONA Constitution of 1992 Section 9 do not allow NGOs severally or jointly with their staff to engage in partisan politics and that there are serious consequences for doing the contrary.

As such we call upon all NGO staff in the categories outlined above to publicly and completely resign their NGO positions immediately if they want to engage in partisan politics or contest in the 2014 elections. CONGOMA, through its Standards Committee will be left with no option but to invoke the various legal and administrative instruments against such deviant NGOs and Officers sooner than later. Let us maintain our character of non political partisanship.


30th January 2014

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