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Criminally convicted Lawyer Kasambara continues to disseminate unsolicited legal opinions

Raphael Kasambara

Raphael Kasambara convict to serve 13 years Jail time

Raphael Kasambara
Raphael Kasambara awaits his Fate this Morning

Ralph Kasambara SC who is out on dubious release pending an appeal to conviction of attempted murder, granted by the questionable Malawi judiciary continues to share his legal opinions on Matters on the Malawi Election case and decisions made by Malawi President Peter Mutharika who he does not support after falling out of favor with Malawi former President Bingu WA Mutharika.

Just a reminder to our readers, On 21 July 2016, Ralph Kasambara was convicted by the High Court for conspiring to murder Paul Mphwiyo. On 30 August 2016, he was given a 13-year jail term for conspiracy to murder a civil servant, in a crime believed to be linked to a multi-million-dollar corruption ring which Malawi Media coined as Cashgate.

Day of reckoning for Malawi Famed Lawyer, Politician Raphael Kasambara

Ralph Kasambara who served as attorney general, was once arrested by Former President Bingu WA Mutharika after reporting to the police an alleged petrol-bombing of his office.

To the Matter at hand Ralph Kasambara SC writes:

The law is clear as to which parties were required to submit names to the president. Only those that achieved 10 per cent of national parliamentary vote.

Again, the law is clear that the appointment of Commissioners is proportional to the nominating party’s representation in the National Assembly.

Again, no party was to submit more than 3 names meaning no party was to have more than 3 of its nominees appointed as Commissioners.

Again, the law is clear as to the fact that only suitably qualified persons are to be appointed. Hence if one has been declared by the highest court of the land to be incompetent surely that person is not suitable for appointment.

Izizi mwapangira dala kuti tikokanepo. No sitipanga nawo.

To all concerned Malawians do not fall into the trap of demos and litigation challenging the newly appointed commissioners. It is a Trojan horse.

Let us concentrate on Campaign and more so creating and investing in systems that will ensure voting and counting process integrity and creation of parallel tally centre.

For a moment, risk siding with Kasambara

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