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Crooks Don’t Trust Crocks, And Crocks Don’t Trust Crooks as Alliance Talks Grind To a Halt

Chakwera and Chilima at the court

Written by Cornelius Wa Mapira

The “crooks and crocks” alliance has been facing a serious challenge since the drunk Hi5 judges electoral judgement. The UTM ‘crooks’, insiders say do not trust the MCP ‘crocks.

Hi5 judges set an alliance between the two parties as one of the pre-conditions to hand a judgement in favour of the weak case of the two petitioners. Judge Heyley Potani, as we speak, is waiting eagerly for a position as Chief Justice. Other judges were promised seats in the Supreme Court of Appeal, the highest court in the land.

Cowardly justices Healey Potani, Mike Tembo, Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga and Redson Kapindu

All the “deals” and the crookedness that went with the constitutional court drunk judgement hangs on the hope that after a re-run, by some miracle, MCP may prevail. But the Hi-5 judges said that the MCP would need UTM to get the 50+1 that the judges forced into the judgement. This is where the alliance was forged.

A gross political miscalculation by the Hi-5 judges together with the crooks and crocks, then, was to think that when they impose the 50+1 judgement, all the parties would want to join the alliance of the crocodiles.

DPP leader, President Professor Mutharika, showed a political masterstroke when he forged an alliance with the UDF. An alliance between the DPP and UDF technically seals the Southern Region from any crooks and crocodiles getting even one vote.

When the DPP-UDF alliance was announced, panic, and a huge confusion set in with the crooks and crocks. They know that the election re-run is lost!

Political amateurs, colluding with corrupt Hi-5 judges thought that everything would be easy. Right now, the crooks and crocks are still trying to engage about a possible alliance.

If they do finally come to some agreement, the crooks are going to have to get themselves tainted with the blood of those who were killed and fed to the crocodiles by the crocks. The blood of Dickson Matenje, Orton Chirwa, and thousands of victims of the brutal crocodile regime will now be on the plate of Chilima and his band as well.

As it stands, “fake” negotiations are being announced through the media to maintain a facade. The “alliance” was long discussed and agreed to with the Hi-5 judges.

Right now, the reality is that the crooks don’t trust the crocks, and crocks don’t trust the crooks. All we could do now is to wait with bated breath to see if this alliance made in hell will ever see the light of day.

Crooks don’t trust crocks, and crocks don’t trust crooks!

Note from Editor: Cornelius Wa Mapira is a confessed supporter and strong advocate of the Democratic Progressive Party-DPP

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