When Jesus Christ was crucified, women came over his cross, crying and wailing.

Jesus Christ turned to them and said, “Don’t cry for me, cry for yourself and your children”.

It was absurd for people to cry for Jesus who was about to die and forget about the miseries of this world. He was seeing himself seated happily with his father. Indeed, there was no point of crying for he had fought a good fight.

Chilima addressing supporters on Friday outside his house

However his foresight showed men and women facing utter poverty, discrimination, social injustice, unemployment and corruption. These were the vices women were supposed to wail over.

I am saying this against the background that UTM supporters wasted their time to give moral support to the crime suspect, Dr. Saulos Chilima.

The truth is that Dr. Saulos Chilima does not need people’s sympathy and moral support.

Instead it is the people and their children that need moral support amid rampant nepotism, tribalism, cronyism, corruption, inflation, and rising cost of living.

As for the Vice President, Dr. Saulos Chilima is cushioned from the effects of such vices. His salary was increased. He lives in a free accommodation. His office receives free fuel. He has a litany of security guards and many more benefits.

It is only folly that can drive one to feel sympathetic for Dr. Saulos Chilima.

There is a big difference between Chilima and some of us. He is an achiever and most of us are failures. What moral support can he get from failures who are even failing to feed their families? Very pathetic.

In case you missed my previous article in which I touted Chilima’s accolades, here are a few examples of his achievements.

By 2025, Chilima will have served two maximum terms as the Vice President and he is likely to enjoy his pension benefits for the rest of his life. He is still the vice president. Most of you are just jobless with no future.

Remember that Chilima is simply a suspect and is still deemed innocent till convicted by the court. Where is the sympathy for Chilima coming in?

In case you have forgotten, Chilima once rose to the position of Chief Executive Officer of Airtel and consequently got his dues. Instead of working for your families, you waste your time on Chilima.

On a cosmetic perspective, some beholders believe he is handsome and married a pretty wife. Others have fallen in love with his attire. As poverty stricken as you are, dressing is simply a basic necessity.

In terms of education, Chilima is a PhD holder while some of you are so illiterate that you think Chilima is infallible.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t waste your time and moral support on Chilima. He doesn’t need it. It is you who need moral support from Chilima and Tonse government.

Let the course of justice through the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the courts be pursued. If Chilima is innocent, he will be exonerated. Why worry!!

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