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Daily Horoscope Forecast for 8th July 2016

Aries: Mar 21- Apr 20) A junior may need guidance on the academic front, so spare time for him or her. Wealth is likely to come to those running a commercial enterprise. Driving to an exciting destination with family cannot be ruled out. You will manage to keep a lifestyle disease in check.

Lucky Color: White, Lucky Number: 8


Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20) You may become the initiator of a social gathering today. Enjoying the company of friends and relations cannot be ruled out. An evening out with lover will seem most fulfilling. Chance of going abroad brightens.

Lucky Color: Teal Blue, Lucky Number: 11 

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 21) Unabated expenses may upset you, so get a bit stricter about spending. You may not see eye to eye with lover today. Ignoring the changing weather may cost dear on the health front.

Lucky Color: Saffron, Lucky Number: 5 

Cancer: (Jun 22- Jul 22) Accompanying someone for an out of town trip cannot be ruled out. A business trip is likely to prove most fruitful for some. Those in medical and engineering fields will find recognition in whatever they are currently pursuing.

Lucky Color: Light Blue, Lucky Number: 24 

Leo: (Jul 23- Aug 23) You may have to coordinate the plans for the day with someone to day. You may take the initiative of hosting a family gathering at your house. Someone you are in love with is likely to reciprocate in equal measure, so enjoy! 

Lucky Color: Peach, Lucky Number: 17 

Virgo: (Aug 24- Sep 23) You may feel burdened by someone asking for a lift on daily basis. Stability is likely to be achieved on the professional front. It may be difficult to find a solution to depleting financial resources. 

Lucky Color: Burgundy, Lucky Number: 3 

Libra: (Sep 24- Oct 23) Managing finances well will help conserve money for everyday expenses. Taking up a social cause is possible and will help you in acting against what you feel strongly about.

Lucky Color: Cream, Lucky Number: 22 

Scorpio (Oct 24- Nov 22) Preparation for an event is likely to keep some engaged. Business trips will be fruitful, however, do not make unreasonable promises. Woman entrepreneurs are likely to bag recognition for their work. Cough and cold may irritate some.

Lucky Color: Purple, Lucky Number: 7 

Sagittarius (Nov 23- Dec 21) A tiff with a family member threatens to spoil the domestic environment. Fluctuations in finances may become a source of worry for some. An outing with friends may have to be shelved due to work. 

Lucky Color: Brown, Lucky Number: 12 

Capricorn: (Dec 22- Jan 21) Your desire to do something positive on the social front may not earn you the brownie points that you expect. Romantic front holds some promise, so make efforts. Don’t waste this day sitting around! 

Lucky Color: Sea Green, Lucky Number: 23 

Aquarius: (Jan 22- Feb 19) You may need to tighten your belt on the financial front. It is best to steer clear of any dispute on the property front. Your bluntness may not cut ice with lover on the romantic front. Opt for an exercise regimen to get back in shape.  

Lucky Color: Silver, Lucky Number: 4 

Pisces: (Feb 20- Mar 20) A big break for those wanting to excel may take some time on the academic front. Hard work is needed to get the desired remuneration in a job undertaken by you. A piece of good news on the marital front is likely to elate you.

Lucky Color: Beige, Lucky Number: 19



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