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Death of Grace Chinga, Prophet Shepard Bushiri hints at Legal Action through Lawyer Raphael Kasambara

Grace Chinga
Gospel musician Grace Chinga dead

Malawians would be described as worse than Galatians if St Paul lived to this day. Here is a nation which is ungrateful to the Last Prophet of God who has, undeniably, spent a fortune running into millions of Dollars in feeding the nation which is caught up in desperate times of unprecedented hunger.


Instead of saying Thank you, Major 1, the nation has turned against him. The Prophet has no option but consult his earthly Lawyers to defend his reputation.

Prophet Bushiri has irked the authorities for being over generous with suspect money which is believed to be flowing from the coffers of the former president Joyce Banda currently in self-imposed exile in Waterfall Estate, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Banda fled the country after suffering a humiliating defeat in the May General Elections of 2014.

The epic center of the suspicion is double folked: Bushiri is preparing to contest elections in 2019. The other leg of the suspicion is that Prophet Bushiri is another John, the Baptist in preparation for the return of the disgraced President Banda. It remains to be seen how Prophet Bushiri can balance two diverse political foes: Joyce Banda and Ralph Kasambara if any at all.
The connection between Cashgate money and Bushiri’s generosity remains a speculation while the chasm between the Prophet and Malawi Government is widening by the day.
Today, Prophet Bushiri’s resilience was stretch to the limit when unruly crowd booed and spat insults at him alleging that he was behind unexpected and untimely death of Grace Chinga, the promising gospel singer.
Prophet Bushiri, justifiably so, engaged lawyers to issue a friendly warning.

Major 1 Issues Legal Threat

19th March 2016
The Managing Editor,
Malawi Voice,
Re: Malawi Voice Articles Published on Internet in Relation to Death of Grace Chinga Alleging Involvement of Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
1. We have been engaged by Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (“Our Client”) to address you in relation to the above captioned matter as regards a series of articles published on your online paper running from 17th March 2016 to 19th March 2016.
2. From the onset, we wish to point out that we do not intend to deal; with each and every unfounded allegation made and published in the aforesaid articles; and failure to do so on our part should not be construed as an admission of some in any way whatsoever. We reserve our right to deal with same at the appropriate forum and time should the need arise.
3. The common threads spurning through all the said articles are as follows:

a. Our Client is a member of a dark-forces cult known as Illuminati;

b. He made several unsuccessful attempts to persuade the late Grace Chinga, allegedly an old friend to join the said cult
c. Following the said refusal, our Client somehow organized the death of the said late Grace Chinga.

d. Thereafter, our Client, offered to buy the coffin and decorate Robins Park Hall where the funeral ceremony was to take place but the family of late Chinga refused.

e. As a cover up of the said refusal by Chinga family, our Client diverted his intended money for coffin and decorations to donating it to Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

f. Our Client had arranged to attend the funeral ceremony of the said late Grace Chinga.

4. We would like to dismiss the said allegations as malicious, unfounded and defamatory, on these following grounds :

a. Our Client and late Grace Chinga were not friends;

b. Our Client is not a member of any cult; and no attempt was ever made to recruit her into any cult;

c. Our Client was not and is not in any way involved in the death of the said late Chinga;

d. Our Client never made any offer to in any way assist meeting any funeral expense relating to the death of late Grace Chinga.

e. Our Client’s donation of money to FAM was already in the pipeline well before death of late Grace Chinga.

f. At no time has our Client been in touch with the late Grace Chinga’s family as regards any funeral expense let alone any arrangement as to his attending the said funeral ceremony.

g. No attempt was made by any writer from the Malawi Voice to obtain our Client’s side of the story.

h. There is no attempt to balance the said articles.

5. Therefore, whilst we appreciate your contributors’ or staff writers’ right to enjoy the latitude of freedom of press, the allegations they reported on clearly crossed the line from reporting fair comment and news to defamation and character assassination. While we appreciate that Major Prophet Bushiri is a public figure of global status, he is still entitled to be respected and entitled to equally enjoy his right to dignity. It is clear that in this reporting, your writers’ reckless disregard for the truth and journalistic ethics, the above mentioned article paints a graphic picture of our Client being a Satanist and not a Man of God; and someone involved in the murder of the late celebrated Gospel artist.
6. It is our intention to try and resolve this matter amicably. Accordingly, we hereby request the following: a. You write a letter of apology addressed personally to Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri apologising for defamatory reports published by your writers or contributors. b. Malawi Voice to publish a written unconditional retraction for the malicious, false allegations reported against Major Prophet Bushiri within the next 48 hours following receipt of this letter. The aforesaid publication of retraction is to receive the same prominence as the original articles.
7. Failure to retract the said article within the next 48 hours will leave us with no option but to immediately commence legal proceedings without any further communication to you.
8. Our Client’s rights remain reserved herein. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated herein. Should you have any comments or questions, kindly address them to the writer hereof.
Yours Sincerely,
Raphael Kasambara SC
Ralph & Arnold Associates

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