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Desperate DPP sends thugs as multitudes join UTM in Mulanje

multitudes join UTM in Mulanje

multitudes join UTM in Mulanje

MULANJE-(MaraviPost)-The beleaguered Democratic Progressive Party on Sunday, April 19, 2020 sent thugs to attack UTM members conducting Covid-19 pandemic sensitisation meetings in Mulanje Bale constituency.

This happened as hundreds upon hundreds of DPP members who have defected to the UTM party were also being welcomed.

Meeting these people in their homes during this event, UTM Secretary General Patricia Kaliati, expressed happiness to see that many people in Mulanje are falling in love with the UTM party.

“I am very happy with this development. This means people now understand the vision that Dr [Saulos Klaus] Chilima has for this country.” Kaliati said.

Former DPP councillor for the ward who has joined UTM, Nattie Namaona, said she has realised that it is only UTM that can bring the change that Malawians desire.

She further said politics of regionalism and tribalism has no place in a democratic country like Malawi.

Kaliati also distributed soap for washing hands in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UTM SG sensitized the villagers about the pandemic and how to contain it.

“We have come here to sensitize you about the Covid-19 pandemic. Among other measures, this disease can be prevented by washing hands frequently with soap and observing social distance,” said Kaliati adding that the measures put in place by the DPP government are not favourable to the local people in rural areas.

After sensitising the masses about the pandemic, there was chaos as thugs sent by Victor Musowa, MP for this constituency, to attack UTM members, blocked the roads and started pelting stones at the UTM members.

Seeing this, the villagers descended upon these DPP thugs, outnumbered them and disarmed them.

The thugs were armed with panga knives and burglar bars.

Later, these thugs descended upon the house of one woman who appeared to have hosted Kaliati on this day.

They destroyed the windows of her house and stole some bags of maize and money amounting to MK70, 000 from her.

Commenting on this, Kaliati said it is unfortunate that at this age and time DPP is still perpetrating politics of intimidation and violence.

“This is Malawi. We are not in Mozambique that we should be threatened simply because we belong to UTM. Politics of threats and intimidation has no place in this part of the world.

“We are in democracy. Let me emphasise that we are not afraid, and we will not be afraid.” Kaliati said

During the sensitisation, over five hundred DPP members from Mulanje Bale constituency announced their defection to UTM.

It is likely that many more DPP members from the lomwe belt are going to join UTM in the wake of a number of political mistakes by DPP.

This has created fear and anxiety in the DPP camp because the lomwe belt is deemed as their stronghold.

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