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Did Evelyn Joshua Evicted TB Joshua’s Disciple out of SCOAN?


There have been videos circulating on social media showing supposed disciples of TB Joshua packing their belongings out of the SCOAN. Those packing were alleged to have been evicted by our Mummy, Mrs Evelyn Joshua, the wife of Prophet TB Joshua. This latest episode is being purported to be part of a leadership tussle going on at the SCOAN.

Why one would have chosen to remain silent from this falsehood been spread by mischief makers who have been imagining a leadership tussle which in reality is non-existing, but for the sake of clarifying to the public who may be misled by this falsehood and start making false judgment hence this clarification.

It is important to know that there is no leadership tussle at the SCOAN and Mrs Evelyn Joshua did not evict TB Joshua’s disciples out of the SCOAN.

Those who are alleged to have left SCOAN left there at their own accord. Mrs Evelyn Joshua is a kind-hearted mother with an embodiment of love just as her husband Prophet TB Joshua, she is not taken any revenge on anyone or trying to position herself as the general overseer of the SCOAN.

We must recognize the fact that she has a legal claim to everything at the SCOAN, including becoming the spiritual head as the general overseer. She is, however, not desperate for any position instead she has to commit everything under God’s will.

Mrs Evelyn Joshua was recently confirmed as one of the trustees of the SCOAN, by the Church constitution there are three trustees since the husband demise it is normal for her the wife to take her husband place as the trustees and this is part of the state law for organisations that are regulated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

This position as one of the trustees of the SCOAN is to fulfil all righteousness following the state laws. Mrs Evelyn Joshua has never claim to be the new general overseer of the SCOAN, she called her position “human Leadership” of the Church.

That alone is to confirm her sense of humility and to buttress the fact that she is open to God’s will and not in any way in a hurry or desperate to make herself the general overseer of the SCOAN.

Normally, not every one of TB Joshua’s disciples and Church workers may want to work with the new leadership at the SCOAN and those that are leaving are doing it at their own will and not that they are being evicted has been reported in the News and social media.

It is also important we understand that those that are leaving are not in any way bad persons it’s just their personal decision which every one of us most respect. They are still our brethren in the vineyard of Christ and we all have to always put them in our prayers.

As it stands right now, Mrs Evelyn Joshua needs all our support, prayers and love. She has made us understand in her speech that SCOAN is open to everyone.

We pray for God’s wisdom upon our mummy, Mrs Evenly Joshua in the cause of her new “human leadership” position in piloting the affair of the SCOAN. We as well pray for more understanding and unity of purpose amongst the disciples, workers and SCOAN family worldwide.

The gate of hell shall not prevail against the Church.

TB Joshua Legacy Lives on! Emmanuel! God With Us!

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