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DK writes again: A joke that is Malawi nation

Moffat Banda;a well known DPP cadet chairing MBC board
Moffat Banda (R); a well known DPP cadet chairing MBC board

Malawi is a horribly pathetic, hopeless and helpless nation. Its leaders are now busy planning for next year’s food shortages, blackouts and water shortages. In contrast, our neighbours are planning for bumper harvest next year despite the much blamed El Nina and Al Nina weather phenomenon that causes dry spells and heavy rains respectively.They are busy planning how to have plenty electricity that they can even sell to other countries, they are on the table discussing how best to have water throughout the year. Malawi has excellent human resources with an amazing skill only that it is misplaced due to political or tribal reason. I don’t expect Jean Mathanga as board chair of Escom to turn around things for the better at Escom except planning for yet another massive blackouts and load shedding next year.

Joyce Banda had her own weaknesses but her choice of Morgan Tembo as chairman of Escom was excellent. Malawi experienced a few blackouts during his two year tenure of office. I don’t expect MBC to be more professional with Moffat Banda as chair.

Obviously he feels on cloud nine when he hears party slogans on the radios and tv which goes like ‘DPP 2019 boma!’

What am trying to drive home is that we don’t expect state run parastatals to move an inch with the unprofessional appointments of its board. It is sad that the vocal voices like those of John Kapitos and Billy Bandas are now muted since President Peter Mutharika appointed them board chairs of some parastatals.

Coupled with the weakest opposition which is busy fighting itself, Malawi is destined for real time troubles because no one can dare tell President Mutharika (May God grant him safe journey to the US today) that the country is going in a wrong direction like the Malaysia plane that is still missing up to now.

The government should rop in energy experts to deal with the power problems instead of making us dance to the tune of Kam’mwamba coal fired plant which will be ready not tomorrow but possibly in three years time. The megawatts at the new coal fired plant will not be enough to light the whole Malawi during summer when water levels on Shire will as usual be low rendering Kapichira and Nkula hydro power stations as useless as those who plan for blackouts instead of electricity!

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