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DSS: Unlike Fulani Herdsmen With AK-47, Sunday Igboho Is A Freedom Fighter, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

The time bomb set by the confused set of people in power will soon explode. And the oppressors, in their usual way, are facilitating that by violently stifling the rights of self-determination activists to emancipate their people.

Dictator Buhari’s regime is igniting more fuel on the existing fire. When did self-determination become a crime?

Sunday Igboho is not a criminal, he is only fighting for the freedom of his people against Fulani herdsmen. Igboho wants total liberation for his people. 

The Department of State Services (DSS) claimed that Sunday Igboho is a security threat to the country. With that bogus allegation, they criminally invaded his residence at midnight and extrajudicially killed two of his men and arbitrarily arrested thirteen of his aides. 

Although the DSS were unable to arrest Igboho, their action is like a person who burgled into someone’s house and carted away all his belongings in the process of robbing, kills one of the man’s children and kidnaps his wife.

If the DSS were sure about Igboho’s threats as they claimed, they should have raided his house during the day so that people can testify to such threats. 

Ironically, the regime holds “peaceful talk” with terrorists during the day and sit together on round tables with VIP treatment. 

Unfortunately, the so-called intelligence gathering agency is unable to raid bandits’ hideouts. If the same energy they expended on Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu had been channelled towards fighting insecurity in the country without having a soft landing for Fulani terrorists and bandits, I believe no one would ever call for secession. 

Declaring Sunday Igboho wanted is hypocritical if the leader of Miyatti Allah who confidently threatens the peace of this country on national television is not declared wanted by the same DSS.

Sunday Igboho is a freedom fighter who centered his agitation on the expulsion of criminal herders from the South West. 

Everybody now knows that the nomadic Fulani herdsmen are criminals across the country. Reasons for the present state of agitation in the country. 

Meanwhile, the Southern region should not be seen as a threat to the Northerners because they are making progress in securing their people. Alas, we all have a bigger challenge confronting us. 

The Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami and the presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu should stop causing hatred and division in the country through their awkward, ill-advised utterances as if they own the country.

Terrorists under the disguise of “Miyatti Allah” are going round the country, paying a courtesy visit in each state by kidnapping and killing innocent people with Ak-47 should be proscribed as a terrorist organisation. 

To dialogue peacefully with the oppressed people is not an act of cowardice. The truth is, beyond the self-delusion of dictator Buhari’s 19th century thinking, Nigerian government does not have the capacity to fight three different battles at the same time in three different locations. 

Sadly, we are in a country where the government begs terrorists, gives them billions of taxpayers money, buy them Hilux vans with motorcycles to help them unleash terror against innocent people. 

This repressive regime parading itself as a “government” has exhausted its energy by arresting freedom fighters whilst terrorists have unhindered access to Aso Rock. What an irony!

Buhari regime should stop creating tension and provocative statements against people. This tyrant should not shirk his responsibility by evading solutions to Nigeria’s numerous problems, most of which were created by him. 

If care is not taken, soon some unwarranted retaliatory attacks will spring up on security personnel in the South West, over the threat to Sunday Igboho’s life. 

People already have been clamouring for restructuring with state autonomy, but the Northerners, obviously scared of the possible loss to the treasury in the South, disagreed.

Buhari should not see himself as a demigod, because he is not and never be one. The tragedy of his reign is that as a tyrant, he believes force is the solution to all problems.

Meanwhile, the DSS, which used to have an outstanding reputation before the advent of dictator Buhari, has become errand boys doing dirty works for the tyrant. 

The agency’s reputation is now so damaged that not only has it incurred the bitterness of Nigerians, it has irretrievably lost its respect, so much so that Nigerians feel it is all right to invite them to kill a stubborn cockroach causing headache at home.

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