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EDITORIAL STATEMENT: The media is a protected entity

The media is a protected entity
The media is a protected entity

The Malawi Prison Service’s (MPS) warders on Tuesday called-off the nationwide strike, after Government assured the officers that it will harmonize the salaries in the Ministry. This is great news and we join the MPS officers in the rejoicing. Also well that ends well.

However the Maravi Post wishes to join MISA Malawi in condemning to the highest degree the acts of some prison warders who harassed our colleagues from the MBC.

We stand MISA Malawi statement in its totality. The Maravi Post is resolute that the media exists to watch and report what happens in our communities;by reporting thereby enabling citizens to make informed choices.

It is for this reason, the media is the fourth estate (the fourth arm of Government), and protected by all democratic governments, through Constitutional proviso. It is therefore, a protected entity.

As the Malawi prison Service celebrates, we request the MPS leadership to distance the agency and apologize to the MBC in particular and the Malawi Press in general.

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