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Election Bribery: ACB wraps Malawians in the leaves

Matemba Presser
General Reyneck Matemba refused to name names of suspects who attempted to bribe the five Constitutional Court judges overseeing the presidential election case

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has today been unable to take the cat out of the bag as to who wanted to bribe the five judges hearing the presidential election case.

Speaking at a press briefing which the Bureau held in Lilongwe, the Executive Director of the institution, Reyneck Matemba, said of the two the Chief Justice mentioned; one belongs to private sector while the other work in one of three arms of the government.

Matemba has not been able to disclose the identities of the people who were reported by the Chief Justice, Andrew Nyirenda.

However, Matemba was quick to mention that the Bureau has put in place a task force that will investigate and bring the names into the limelight.

On Monday, the Head of the Judiciary, Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, report to ACB that some people wanted to bribe the five judges who are yet to pass judgment on the high-profile presidential election case. One of the judges reported the matter to the Chief Justice for an action.

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