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“Enough of rhetoric,…We demand serious commitment on climate financing”-Malawian Youths

"Enough of rhetoric,…We demand serious commitment on climate financing

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawian youths on Friday, September 20, joined millions for the global climate strike which is expected to be the largest mass mobilization against climate chaos.

The youths are therefore calling Malawi government and development partners for serious commitment of sharing and action on various thematic areas ahead of 2019 UN Youth Climate Change slated for Monday, September 23 in USA.

Among key demands including enhancing climate change adaptation, integrating gender and fulfilling climate change, climate financing, mitigation action; disaster preparedness, an inclusive and effective national and international policy.

Addressing the news conference in the capital Lilongwe, the youths governed by ActionAid Malawi worried at the level of rhetoric on serious implementation of mechanism to address effects of climate change.

ActionAid Malawi’s Youth Activista Coordinator Stanley Mazani told reporters that there is limited opportunities and mechanism for young people in accessing finance to implement climate change initiatives.

Mazani further added that youths are concerned with limited avenues for investing in enhancing young people’s capacity in green entrepreneurship, leadership, information and communication, agriculture, policy, research and growing the movement.

“Suitable and adequate financing is essential pillar towards ensuring comprehensive preventive and responsive climate change interventions.

“As young people in Malawi we demand government to take into account key actions to be flexible on funding conditions for youth and youth organizations as grants or revolving funds. We need serious action and commitment. Enough of rhetoric on climate financing”, challenges Mazani.

ActionAid is among international organizations joined millions for the global climate strike on 20th September that attracted the largest mass against climate chaos.

The strike has been organised by the youth, especially the students across the globe to impress upon the leaders at the UN Secretary General’s high-profile Climate Action Summit on Monday, 23rd September, to take action on climate injustice. 

ActionAid is working together with allies and partners on climate change interventions to put the spotlight on communities, especially youth and women farmers in the global south who are already facing the reality of climate impacts.

Part of the advocacy messages by ActionAid include; Calling upon wealthy countries to implement policies that reflect climate justice; and providing climate finance to less wealthy countries which are suffering impacts and cannot afford to transition to greener pathways by themselves.

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