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Expose of the genesis of “CASH-GATE” and methods to stop corruption and looting in Malawi

Joyce Banda and Lutepo

Good old days: Oswald Lutepo with former President Joyce Banda

First couple laying wreath on Bingu’s grave

MAENGA has just received an “Expose Analysis of Corruption and Cash-Gate” in Malawi from reliable sources.

It was immediately after taking over the government by late president Bingu WA Mutharika, when he sensed that relations between him and his predecessor was getting bitter in 2004 that Bingu WA Mutharika started siphoning money into offshore numbered accounts.

This he did in preparation for his exile life as his predecessor was pushing for him to get out of power if he continued to ignore the philosophy of Muluziology, which among other things, was to continue foreign relations with the Republic of Taiwan and the Socialist Arab Peoples Jamahiriya of Libya under Muammar Al Gadhafi.

Muluziology wanted continuation of the social democratic principles, while Bingu wanted the western backed capitalist democracy. In building strong relations with the west, Bingu succeeded in bring Malawi into the few nations whose foreign debt were to be forgiven by the IMF, World Bank and IFC.

Muluzi realized letting Bingu to pursue the philosophy of monopoly capital, which is the motto of western democracy, Malawi would suffer because the prospects he planted of socialist democracy would be of no importance and have no long term fruits he worked hard for. Muluzi had to save what he and his eastern allies had constructed.

Unfortunately, western monopoly capital won the battle, Bingu had no debt to pay, and instead used the money to boost agriculture where bumper harvest was achieved.

Western propaganda helped Bingu to reach the sky with frenzy, where Malawi was touted to have developed and expanded its economy towards the Emir of Qatar. All these were propaganda to fool Malawians and twist our mindset so that socialist democracy that Muluzi embarked on, can die a natural death.

By early 2005 Bingu WA Mutharika introduced the IFMS system, through which was his method of taking government money out of the country. In no time when Goodall Gondwe was finance minister, one of his boys from the Treasury, siphoned MK400, 000,000.00 from the Treasury. The person in question, Militon Kupengule, is still on bail till now; his case just disappeared.

From then on, money has been disappearing without a trace into foreign offshore accounts, into Bingu WA Mutharika’s accounts in Virgin Islands, Isle of Man, and Banco Vaticano.

When the western financiers [capitalist monopolizes], started praising Bingu Wa Mutharika, many recycled politicians started trekking to him, using the Uladi Mussa philosophy of “Change Goals,” for money purposes, leaving Bakili Muluzi lonely with his socialist democratic philosophy in the cold.

Former President Bakili Muluzi Image copyright Getty Images Image caption

Muluzi tried to roar by telling the truth, but dumb Malawians gave him deaf ears. Towards 2007, Bingu started revenge campaign and with vengeance, after seeing many political prostitutes crossing the floor following him. The only voice of reason, Lucius Banda became a sacrificial lamb, and Bingu shot the bullet towards Muluzi, as a sign that he was geared to make sure he annihilate socialist eastern mentality that Muluzi had built the nation upon. Lucius Banda was jailed as a warning bullet to Muluzi.

Later a corruption case against Bakili Muluzi surfaced and Muluzi has been in and out of court on trampled up charges. Moroccan and Libyan governments that issued bank cheques into Muluzi’s personal bank account, denied to give witness that the money was meant for state or his personal cash.

MAENGA can reveal today that the money was given to Muluzi and not for state, most of the money was meant for the development of Islamic religion in the country.

Having failed to produce evidence against Muluzi, Bingu realized political life and settlement in Malawi for him was not guaranteed, so he continued to siphoned funds; much of it was the money that was meant for debt payment. Knowing we were forgiven, Bingu transferred a lot offshore (outside Malawi).

His brother, who is the current president, has been a link, while in the USA, in making sure the money was safe. When safety of the money was guaranteed, Peter Mutharika forced his elder brother to consider accommodating him to be his watch dog in case red eyes traces their underhand deals.

Bingu got convinced and hired his brother in the cabinet. Bingu changed Peter from one portfolio to another to satisfy the younger brother’s assertions of being a police dog, sniffing any impending danger.

By then Bingu had fallen in love with the country, and had settled down with the capitalist monopoly, global “One China policy” and Muammar Al Gadhafi’s ideology of the Third Theory from his green book that was to see the formation of the United States of Africa,” were enough weapons that made Bingu believe that Muluzi was finished for he knew Taiwan was castrated and Muammar Al Gadhafi would not last long due to CIA classified documents that his allies from the west gave him.

Mrs Cecilia Kumpukwe, who is the young sister and Personal Assistant to the former President Dr. Joyce Banda, was arrested

Bingu in trying to convince Malawians that he was a reformer and trying to seek refuge in the country if odds comes against his wishes, wanted to leave a legacy behind. Towards the elections of 2009, he called Richard Banda, husband to his foreign minister in a surprise move to persuade him convince to his wife become the presidential running mate of Bingu in his second term bid. Richard Banda, who was then Chief Justice of the Kingdom of Swaziland managed to sweet talk his wife and agreed.

Joyce Banda became the vice president of the country. This is the moment Bingu had sleepless nights with his younger brother Peter Mutharika. Peter Mutharika persuaded his brother to endorse him as his successor, as Joyce Banda looked like a snake in the grass; that if she took, she would over and arrest the Mutharika’s because of the money they stole and continued stealing.

A reliable source confirms that Bingu called his deputy to get an assurance if she will save Bingu in her presidency.

MAENGA is told the response that Joyce Banda gave made Bingu mad and was told to endorse Peter Mutharika as a successor, which Joyce Banda resisted.

This is the moment when the vice president (Joyce Banda) was isolated, denied access to cabinet meetings, Peter Mutharika was made defacto deputy president.

A while later towards 2011, Joyce Banda was expelled from the ruling party, in which case Allan Ntata presided as complainant attorney. The supreme document that we are itching to amend stood its ground.

MAENGA is told that by 2011, over MK61 billion had entered Bingu’s Swiss accounts offshore and over MK577 billion had been siphoned into split accounts of 10 of Bingu’s trusted men under the tutelage of Peter Mutharika, the current president of Malawi.

Squabbles continued behind the scenes as Peter Mutharika wanted to be declared publicly that he was the second in command in the country. Bingu resisted, at times quarreling with his brother as to what will the nation and world say if brothers are seen to do this when they were running a Republican and democratic nation.

On the 1st April 2012 Bingu received a fool’s day message that his brother was taking over if he was not declared a vice president.

On the 5th April 2012 Bingu died of cardiac arrest. Reports say the entire plot number one had no nurse, no doctor, no ambulance or emergency Medi-rescue team, despite our military manning the entire Malawi House.

MAENGA is also told that when the president arrived at Kamuzu Central hospital, the President Bingu WA Mutharika, had already passed on. At the recently concluded conference conducted by our sister Transformation Alliance of Comrade Moses Kunkuyu, we were all surprised to hear leader of opposition and President of Malawi Congress Party Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, announcing that Kamuzu Central Hospital, has a room that was meant for a head of state; the question is where was this room when our president was left to die as a commoner?

As this tragedy was not enough an ambulance-plane was called from South Africa to come and get the dead body in an attempt to make sure Mr. Peter Mutharika becomes the president, no matter what and by all means. Back home plans were cooked to flout or rape the supreme document the constitution, to make Peter Mutharika president of Malawi.

Malawi Defence Force commander General Odillo, was solicited to fall for fantasies of Peter Mutharika but refused, plot to assassinate the constitutionally required candidate Joyce Banda was hatched, thanks to the professionalism of our armed forces as the evil plan was thwarted.

Democratic South Africa announced of the reality and denied to be hoodwinked by any hook and fluke and announced they did not receive a patient but a corpse. This angered Lilongwe, which by then was already in the hands of the younger brother Peter Mutharika.

As per the constitution, the seat of the presidency is not supposed to be “sede vacante” waiting for “Preferette” as in Vatican. The vice president must take over. Joyce Banda was sought from the “secret house arrest she was confined, waiting for her demise” to become the president of Malawi.

After the funeral, many people wondered how the head of state could die the way President Bingu WA Mutharika passed on. There was a great need for investigations to take place. Joyce Banda summoned Peter Mutharika to inform him of the impending Commission of Inquiry; MAENGA is told Peter Mutharika refused her to proceed.

Reserve Bank boss Ligoya summoned Joyce Banda to warn her of the money that was being milked and siphoned from account number one of the state, Ligoya brought a copy of the memo that was sent to late president Bingu of raining of money from state account through IFMS: Bingu replied with a pen on the letter “I will see what to do,” but did nothing.

Joyce Banda summoned E.U. Ambassador to Malawi then to ask him if the IFMS machinery had any loopholes for people to be stealing money? The EU envoy told then President Joyce Banda that billions had already been siphoned and the flaw is still flowing.

Immediately Joyce Banda instituted a task force that comprised Bophani, Josephy Aironi, Dzonzi and others.

Oswald Lutepo was mentioned in the scam, where one of the workers of capital hill was caught with millions, when press-ganged Lutepo denied knowing of the money, only to have called Joyce Banda when she was at UNGA in America, confessing about the money. He was arrested.

From then on billions were being basketed in car boots et cetera.

When Joyce Banda returned from the U.N., about MK30 billion was already in pockets of thieves most of whom were Peter Mutharika’s boys.

Raphael Kasambara convict to serve 13 years Jail time

Joyce Banda embarked on a sweeping campaign to arrest everyone who was involved in embezzling state funds. Those who started killing each other were netted, the likes of minister Kasambara against Paul Mphwiyo and 72 more were apprehended. Property acquired with stolen money, was seized and accounts frozen.

The woman president did not stop there, she went on to seek British assistance to get to the root cause of the cash gate. The British recommended Baker Tilly as experts in forensic audit.

At the end of the audit the report was finalized and was made public, as this “Expose is being published Joyce Banda’s Baker Tilly report, is online for public scrutiny.

The question our source gave particularly to the talkative and stubborn the Utopian, together with his unrepentant Chairperson Dr. Haswell Bandawe, and our MAENGA, is are we practicing selective morality, or are we gender-biased?

The source says the government that broke the record of investigating itself in the World is Joyce Banda’s government, and MAENGA is asked where the credit is because we tout ourselves as an institution that stands for “Truth and Justice.”

On the proceeds of the sale of the presidential Lear jet, the source reiterates that part of purchased peace keeping equipment for our military, which in turn made US$10 million from the U.N.

The source then exposed that ambassador Bowler at the U.N. got transferred to Brazil when he questioned former minister of foreign affairs the suspect of maize gate George Chaponda of the missing funds meant for Malawi Defence Force peace keeping personnel.

On page 3 if not 6 of the Diplomatic document this money is mentioned that a Zambian national with connection to George Chaponda, living in the USA, has been withdrawing this huge amount to zero.

President Peter Mutharika has been communicated through diplomatic cable, but did nothing. It is believed George Chaponda is an accomplice together with President Peter Mutharika on this money.

Price Water House conducted forensic audit on the MK577 billion stolen during 2005 to 2012 with rumours 7 cabinet ministers, which includes the incumbent president Peter Mutharika, involved.

Parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua has been psychologically silenced because of this, as this Expose is released, the audit report is a secret document Peter Mutharika and his government are hiding.

Yet Baker Till audit report of Joyce Banda is a public document and is online.

This reminds me of the quote my brother in the struggle comrade Moses Kunkuyu made at the conference on the 25th August 2017 to UDF and Atupele Austin Muluzi; he said and I quote “DPP yakuikani mkhwapa, komatu njoka saweta komanso ndi ngozi kumawetedwa ndi njoka” [DPP has put you in its armpit but rearing snakes is dangerous especially when you are farmed by snakes]

Then we come to the treason case that a suspect who is on bail for plotting to overthrow a constitutional system is allowed to participate in an election.

Jane Ansah the current Chairperson of MEC, has just conceded that 2014 elections were marred by gross irregularities and was rigged, which put to rest the reason why late Maxson Mbendera had to shade tears when announcing the results.

Joyce Banda reiterated for fresh elections within 90 days, and expressed her desire not to contest, but the High Court of Malawi! I think it’s high time we started questioning the integrity of professionalism in Malawi.

If it was in other nations where integrity and professionalism are on high gear, 2014 elections must be nullified. Unfortunately men and women of the wigs and our system of laws is dead.

We will not stop corruption, cash gate, state carelessness and state looting in Malawi if we do not remove Peter Mutharika and his thieving DPP from government, because this is the genesis of cash gate and all our misfortunes in Malawi.

Saunders Jumah the or the MAENGA GROUP


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