Mutharika advised not to assent electoral bills to remain in power

By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Constitutionally, when the Speaker of Malawi Parliament sends Bills to the President, just like the recommendations by Public Appointments Committee on what to be done to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Commissioners, President Peter Mutharika has 21 days to respond.

Mutharika can either assent to the bills (and accept PAC recommendations on MEC Commissioners) or reject with valid reasons.

Parliament is then called to deliberate, following which the Speaker submits what the parliament has agreed on to the President.

Mutharika also has up to 21 days to respond. He can either act positively or reject again – with reasons.

Parliament is then called again for the third time to deliberate, but this time they no longer send the matter to the President, and so it automatically becomes law.

Now here is what cadetish lawyers have advised Peter Mutharika that he should only respond on the matter on the very last day – the 21st day.

Mutharika will not even assent to the Bill, but rather reject it with reasons which they are busy “cooking up”.

They will do the same the on the second round. The whole purpose is to just delay the whole process so that at the expiry of the 150 days, they must push for a “Political Solution” where Mutharika is still President!

Malawians, here is a man whose real mandate to govern us expired on 21st May, 2019.

Should he really be calling the shots and be delaying us like this? This is not his estate – it is our country.

We need to rise up and put Peter Mutharika and his cronies in their rightful place.

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