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Exposed!! eSwatini’s King Mswati age, children, wives, siblings, education, and fancy cars

His Majesty King Mswati III, the leader of the Kingdom of Eswatini

MBABANE-(MaraviPost)-The famous King Mswati III is now the head of the Swazi Royal Family as well as King of eSwatini.

Rising to power at an early age, he has since remained a venerable head of the monarch, which he inherited directly from his father.

Like his predecessors, the king remains an emblem of polygamy in the land.

How old is King Mswati of Swaziland? Who are King Mswati’s wives and children? Keep reading to find out

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King Mswati III leads a posh lifestyle and is never afraid of displaying the same amid local protests and criticisms from the international community.

King Mswati III is the last in the continent, having absolute powers to choose senior officials in his government.

For instance, he has unchallenged authority to appoint his prime minister and other influential officials within his kingdom.

Such a high concentration of power continues to raise concerns even as the civilization machete continues to slice off traditional structures of leadership across the world.

King Mswati profile

King Mswati biography

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It is no doubt that King Mswati III is a powerful man in the land given that the eSwatini kingdom runs without a parliament support system.

However, for the king to make decisions, he must liaise with other officials in power.

His reign stretches to more than three decades, a period within which he has boldly survived his best and worst of times as a rule in eSwatini.

Early years

The young Makhosetive received an excellent upbringing, given that he was born into a royal family.

He is son to the longest-serving king in the contemporary history of ESwatini. Sobhuza II was a powerful man who ruled for more than eight decades, acquiring more than 125 wives. Makhosetive was born shortly before the country gained its independence from colonialists.

King Mswati education and qualifications

Makhosetive attended Masundwini for his primary education before proceeding to Lozitha Palace School.

He later completed his primary schooling at Phondo Royal Residence after sitting for his Swaziland Primary Certificate examination in 1982.

His distinguished intelligence earned him first-class qualifications with merits in both English and Mathematics.

His interest in Royal Guard saw him become a cadet in the Umbutfo Swaziland Defense Force (USDF).

When Makhosetive’s father succumbed in 1982, queen Dzeliwe Shongwe and Queen Ntfombi Tfwala served as regents as he completed his studies at Sherborne School (International College) in the UK.

At his father’s time of death, Mswati III was a 14-year-old prince. Makhosetive returned to his home country and soon after assumed throne as king.

King Mswati wives in order

How many wives does King Mswati have 2018? Below is a list of notable king Mswati III wives.

  1. Inkhosikati LaMatsebula (The Great Wife)
  2. Inkhosikati LaMotsa ‘La Madone’
  3. Inkhosikati Sibonelo Mngomezulu LaMbikiza (1986)
  4. Inkhosikati Carol Dlamini LaNganganza
  5. Inkhosikati Putsoana LaHwala
  6. Delisa Magwaza
  7. Inkhosikati Senteni LaMasango (2000)
  8. Inkhosikati Angela LaGija (2002)
  9. Inkhosikati Nontsetselo LaMagongo (2002)
  10. Zena SorayaMahlangu (2002)
  11. Inkhosikati Noliqhwa Ayanda LaNtentesa (2005)
  12. Inkhosikati Nothando LaDube (2005)
  13. Inkhosikati Phindile Nkambule (2007)
  14. Sindiswa Dlamini, “The Liphovela (2013)
  15. Siphelele Mashwama (2017)

King Mswati III children

Some of his children are:

  1. Sikhanyiso Dlamini -Son
  2. Lindaninkosi Dlamini- Son
  3. Tiyandza Dlamini- Daughter
  4. Temtsimba Dlamini- Daughter
  5. Saziwangaye Dlamini- Son
  6. Makhosothando Dlamini- Daughter
  7. Sibahle Dlamini- Daughter
  8. Bandzile Dlamini- Son
  9. Majaha Dlamini- Son
  10. Temaswati Dlamini- Daughter
  11. Sakhizwe Dlamini- Daughter
  12. Mcwasho Dlamini- Son

King Mswati siblings

Mswati III’s dad had over 200 children including:

  1. Princess Lindiwe Dlamini- Sister
  2. Senior Prince Mguciso Dlamini- Brother
  3. Prince Mbuyisa Dlamini- Brother
  4. Princess Sebentile Dlamini- Sister
  5. Queen Mantfombi Dlamini- Sister
  6. Prince Mahlaba Dlamini- Brother
  7. Prince Maguga Dlamini- Brother
  8. Prince Khuzulwandle Dlamini- Brother
  9. Prince Mangaliso Dlamini- Brother
  10. Prince Phiwokwakhe Dlamini- Brother
  11. Princess Tsandzile Dlamini- Sister
  12. Prince David Dlamini- Brother
  13. Prince Hlangusemphi Dlamini- Brother
  14. Prince Lonkhokhela Dlamini- Brother
  15. Thumbumuzi Dlamini- Brother

King Mswati wealth

Image:, @worldsroyals

How rich is the king of Swaziland? King Mswati is now outspoken on mainstream media channels for all the wrong reasons.

His long-held reputation as ruler recently came into question after he imported luxurious cruises for his 15 wives.

King Mswati wives and relatives are the envy of town since the ruler bought for them 19 classy Rolls-Royces and tens of BMWs, all at a whopping cost of £13 million.

His importation of extravagance comes barely five years since his household budget of US $61 million caught the public eye. The famed King Mswati never seems to take a break from controversies.

King Mswati III of eSwatini owns 2 private jets. He got a $13.2 million private jet as his 50th birthday gift in 2018.

He owns a $625,000 Rolls Royce, a $500,000 Maybach 62, a Bmw X6 and 20 Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman.

Statesmen, including the opposition, Pudemo, have taken the first lead in accusing King Mswati of abandoning them and depriving the impoverished kingdom of its resources.

The outcry has also caught attention of the international community, with many individuals throwing shade at his leadership.

His move to import luxury cars has seen civil servants protesting for higher pay even as they struggle with a deteriorated economy.

Mswati’s record-breaking toll of wives continues to spark a wave of interest among his rivals. Many are particularly displeased with the posh life he is leading with his queens at the expense of his poverty-stricken subjects.

There is no official King Mswati Instagram but you will find several images of the ruler when you search him on any social media platform.

King Mswati is a long-serving ruler in eSwatinilong, making him an influential leader in the South African monarchy.

While some people love his tactical leadership skills, others remain opposed to his public display of luxury while his countrymen are struggling with low pay and rising costs of living.–o


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